Ordinary to Extraordinary

Carmina is a 19 year old who lives in the suburbs of San Fransico.She has very little family and a small group of close friends,but that all changes when she meets one of the biggest stars in the world.What will she do?Travel the world with the one she loves Or go back to her average life.Will she take her time in the spot light or fade in the blackness.


3. The show

It a couple of days before the show and I'm about to explode Amber is on my ass all day.Shes even threaten me a few time well that doesn't really change me I can kill her on my worst day without blinking.The only thing that's keeping me down is me I'm sooo afaid that ill mess up and choke.God please don't let that happen to me 


i wake up and take a deep breath today may be the best day of my life or it might be the worst haha we'll see.As I get dress I sing the song that I'm gonna sing for the show "bleeding love" which is no easy song .i get dress and head off to school by now the whole school knows I'm in the talent show.i get some stares and a couple of rude comment but other then that no one really cares because that don't think I  can win.

i run to my locker and grab my book

Amber:Hey fat Whale did you change your mind about the show

Me:Really we down to the animal name calling

Amber: Don't mock me 

Me:Just did you little hoe bag

Amber:Im gonna make your life a living hell

Me:looking at your face I'm already there

i walk off and head to class.the day goes faster then I want it to.I got a text from Chelise telling me to meet her in the back if the gym for my hair and make up I left her in charge of my outfit as well.An hour later the gym is packed and the concert is  in full swing I was last so I had a lot more time I paced back and forth.I couldn't breath.Why can't I breath?

I feel a pair of strong arm grab me.it was Chelise.

Chelise:are u ok 

Me:no I can t do this

Chelise:yes u can just pretend like your in the bathroom in the morning 

Me:umm ok 

Chelise:your up next after Amber

She walked off and I stood there and watched amber dance and sing she was good.But my voice was great and I knew that I think I do 

her song was done before it stared.she walk out smiling at her loud applause.

Amber:think you can do better

i rolled my eyes and walk to the back of the bleacher that lead to the gym.i hear my name and the music start I walk on to the Stage and the light is in my.eyes.i open my mouth but the word won't come out omg what Is happening I take a deep breath and try again suddenly I hear a beautiful voice  surround me it takes me a minute te realize that it mine.im half way through the song with I look at the audience most of them are smiling other are in shock.At that every cell on my body is tingling.i continue to sing


at that part the the gym goes Wild people are clapping and some are singing along 

As the song ends and I walk off stage the crowd  claps loudly

Amber: you really think that your gonna beat me with that half ass performance 

me:Just listen to  them they love me haha

they call all of the people in the stage

"And the winner  of this years Lynbrook high talent show is"







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