Ordinary to Extraordinary

Carmina is a 19 year old who lives in the suburbs of San Fransico.She has very little family and a small group of close friends,but that all changes when she meets one of the biggest stars in the world.What will she do?Travel the world with the one she loves Or go back to her average life.Will she take her time in the spot light or fade in the blackness.


2. Should I?

After my 4th period I went to lunch this is the most  social part of my day I sit with Chelise and she give me the basic run down on Lynbrook high gossip which includes sex,sports,most of all fighting.This week the biggest bitch on earth(Amber)was going out with this jock Brandon who's a total Douche because he pissed in my locker just cause Chelise said she didn't like him.In my mind they where perfect for each other.Crazy slut meets asshole 

Chelise:"Speaking if the devil here they come right now"

Amber walked in with Brandon on her arm they sat down at our table in went in to in one of  the grossest make out session ever known to man.It look like they where having sex with there face.

Me:"Go get a room will ya."

Amber:"UUGHHHHH fine."

Chelise and Amber start to talk about the talent show so I tune out and grab my red book(its where I write all my songs and poems)

Later that night.....

Chelise:"Hey Carmina you know what I was thinking"

Me:"When you think that's never a good sign".

Chelise:"Whatever but I was thinking you should do the talent show".


Chelise:"Have you heard your voice it's beautiful 

Me:ummmm no 


me:Becuse you just don't want Amber to when

Chelise:no that's a bonus I was thought with the prize money we could go to L.a for spring break 

Me:you really need to stop with the weed it makeing you crazy 

Chelise: no it's not your just scared Because you know you can win and You know that I'm right 


The next day went by in a blur I'd been thinking about what Chelise and I talked about all day.After school I found myself standing at the sign up sheet for the show I stood there for what felt like forever.i pulled a pen out of my pocket and signed my name I  was so gonna regret this 


i went to the car and Chelise was there with a huge grin on her face 

Me:what's with the dorky smile 

Chelise:you signed up didn't you

Me:umm yea I guess

Chelise:Omg we have to get home we gotta fina out what outfit your gonna were and ur hair oh oh and what song are you gonna sing

Me:I don't know .just shut up and let me think 

we drove home in complete silence 


that night I lay in bed thinking what if I could win then what my last thought was "what did I get mself into"




commet I u want more 



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