Ordinary to Extraordinary

Carmina is a 19 year old who lives in the suburbs of San Fransico.She has very little family and a small group of close friends,but that all changes when she meets one of the biggest stars in the world.What will she do?Travel the world with the one she loves Or go back to her average life.Will she take her time in the spot light or fade in the blackness.


1. How it all started

As I stand under the stage I listen to the sound of 50,000 people chant my name.All I can think is "How did I get here."

Paul taps me on the shoulder"Are you ready"I give him a nod because that's all I can mange and head to the stairs that lead to the stage.As I walk up the stairs the chant gets louder.I feel a mixes of emotions Happy,nervous ,scared  but most of I feel alive.For the first time I am ALIVE.


9 months earlier.....

I wake up to the sounds of Taylor Swift blasting through my alarm clock"I knew you where trouble when you wa-"I rip the cord out of the wall and throw it across the room to shut her up,Now don't get me wrong i have no problem with her or her music.Shes just not the person I want to wake up to in the morning.

Im just about to fall back asleep the when the most most annoying person bust in my room."Get up Carmina we're gonna be late".I swear if Chelise wasn't like my bestfriend/sister.I would have kicked her in the throat for some crap like that but she is so I can't.She been living here with my mom and I for about 3 months because her parents kicked her out  for some  crap I can't even remember "Shut up and get out before I slap you silly"but i roll out of the bed and head to the bath room.I hurry and wash my face and brush my teeth,but take my time on hair and makeup.Not that it would make a difference.I look at myself in the mirror.My carmal skin is due to me father he's African-American,also my mother who was White and Hispanic(they divorced when I was 12.He visits almost never).My grey/blue eyes pop and my long black hair that hit lower back.That was all 

At school I was not really known either not smart,super popular ,or a complete loner.Never got below a -C not really funny,rarely hung out in a group of 5.If you asked  any one about me most people wouldn't even know who you  where talkingabout .Only 3 boyfriend though out my whole entire 19 years of life  2 where in 3rd grade we broke up in 2 days so I dought it counts.The last one was in 7th grade and that ended very bad lets just leave it at that.

I ran out of the bath room and my black ripped jeans and Hollister(pink and white) I run to my closet and get my all white vans snatch my book bag and grab my shades to run out the door 

Chelise there in the car waiting .When we walk into the school I got left she goes rite to say high to all of her friend.Which is the football team basket ball team baseball team swim team and every human body at Lynbrook Highschool.I head straight to my locker grab my books and head to class.As usual I was there 30 minute before the bell rang(not that I really paid attention)




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