Ordinary to Extraordinary

Carmina is a 19 year old who lives in the suburbs of San Fransico.She has very little family and a small group of close friends,but that all changes when she meets one of the biggest stars in the world.What will she do?Travel the world with the one she loves Or go back to her average life.Will she take her time in the spot light or fade in the blackness.


4. Crowds Choice

"In third place we have Kevin Sykes"

i clapped he was a really great dancer he got his 100 dolor check smiled at me then walked of stage."And first place goes too......drum roll please."the crowd stomp in the floor making it sound like an earth quake and then it came to a halt,

"Amber young?"

I look at the crowd they seemed to be as shocked as I was they all started to yell as I took my 250 dolor prize.Iwas about to walk off stage and I look at the panel of judges.They were a couple of people I didn't know but as I got to the last seat I saw Brandon sitting there with a big smirk on his face.I wanted to smack it off of him.The announcer(Marcus) called me back on to the stage

Marcus:"it seems that our panel of judge have be revoke therefore we will let the audience decide the winner.I looked at Amber she had her poker face on but I could see right there her face facade under all that make up and bitchyness she was scared shitless.that made me tingle a little.

Marcus walk to closer to us"make some noise if u think amber should take the grand prize".they noise was loud but most of it was the cheerleaders and the football team.Marcus walked over to me with a smile "Make some noise If you think  Carmina should take the prize.They sound that came from the crowd was a huge roar of screams whislte clapping,and stomping.Marcus handed me the 500$ check.

Marcus:"The winner is Carmina Garcia"! I laugh as he raised my hand and have me a trophy they size of my leg.I didn't even notice that Amber had ran off stage I couldn't believe it.I won.wow 



As I walked out of the gym people came and said hi,congrats or how great I was.All I could do was say smile and thank you.Thye where all coming at me so face.When all of a sudden BAM. I fall to the floor.it takes me a second to realize someone just hit me I look up to see amber with EyeLiner running down her face.wow she was so pathetic.i stood u and took off my high heels.

Amber:"how did that feel"

Me:"you hit like a. Bitch"

the crowd gasp I had totally forgotten about them.I was on the edge of blacking out and that never ends well.Chelise grab me and pulled me back.Then I felt spit in my hair and that was it I let the darkness take me.

When I came back amber was on the floor with I broken nose there was blood all on my hands."wow did I do that" I thought to myself".i walked and stood over her"You realize you just got your ass kicked over a stupid talent show right" I grabbed  the huge trophy and gave it to her when she stood up.She look at me confused.

Me:"You can have the trophy but I gonna keep the 500$ I earned it.""don't you think"?

She nodded and u walked off.We said by to everyone and told them to have a cool spring break.We spent the rest of the night at home packing for L.a.we where gonna leave in the morning.This is gonna be fun I said to myself as we pulled on to the freeway.i turned on the radio and blasted Marroon 5......I stuck my head  out the window "L.A HERE WE COMEEEEEEE"........ 

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