Standing by your side

Harry styles and Lacy Gates have been best mates since they were 4 years old. She's 19 now and she knows what she Is. She's different to everyone else and there is only 2 people who know, and one of those people is out to get her...Will she make it through with Harry at her side? Her dad knows...but Harry doesn't. Will he have the guts to tell him?


1. Unexpected meeting...

I knew he was there. The black shadow looked familiar. It was William. William Black, 6, ft 3, jet black hair, blue eyes and an evil smile.

“Well well well, who do we have here, it seems we have Miss Gates. What a pleasure” He said sarcastically

“What do you want Black” I muttered.

“Just to say hi to you, or something else” He said pulling me closer, up against his body,kissing my neck. Why was it always the same! He bloody well knew I wanted it, but I just knew that I couldn’t go with it. I pushed him away, hard.

“Aww come on babe I thought u liked it!” He said, a evil smirk playing across his lips.

“I never did and never will, now leave me alone” I said turning my back on him.

I started to walk away but he caught up with me. He grabbed me by the wrist twisting it.

“Oww! Why’d ya do that!” I screeched.

“Cause I want you to stay with me” he replied.

“No i’m not staying with you! Will you just for gods sake let go of me!” I said slapping his hand.

He let go but slowly. I turned my back on him and walked away. Leaving him in the empty, dark alley way that he had emerged from.

I got home and my flatmate Eleanor was sat watching tv.

“Hey Lacy, why u home so late?” She said looking at her watch. I looked at mine, shoot. It was 11:30.

“Just bumped into someone and had a little trouble” I said quietly.

“Ah okay. Well I’m just off to bed since I stayed up late waiting for you! Night Lace” She said walking upstairs, her voice fading.

I grabbed an irn bru from the fridge and sat on the sofa. I just relaxed for a few minutes then my phone went off, It was my dad.

From dad: Hi darling, just checking in and seeing if your okay. Hope nothings happened with Black since the incident eh? Tell me if it has and I’ll be straight over. You need protecting. We both know your little secret and he does to, and if he gets what he wants then he could become very powerful and then nothing will be able to stop him. And all he needs for that power is you.

I really didn’t feel the need to answer since I sorted out ‘Black’ myself. I went and locked the front door and turned all the lights off and dragged myself wearily upstairs.


Hi guys hope u liked this first chapter! I know it's not very good but I tried!xxx


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