Standing by your side

Harry styles and Lacy Gates have been best mates since they were 4 years old. She's 19 now and she knows what she Is. She's different to everyone else and there is only 2 people who know, and one of those people is out to get her...Will she make it through with Harry at her side? Her dad knows...but Harry doesn't. Will he have the guts to tell him?


2. Harry's fright

When I got to my room I turned on my lights and screamed.

“AAAAAAAAAH!” I screamed loudly at the figure that was standing in front of me.

“Shhh! Lacy it’s alright it’s just me!” The familiar voice said.

“Oh my gosh Harry you scared me!” I said hugging him. He pulled me close.

“ Sorry, I seem to have a tendancy to do that with you don’t I” He sighed pulling me into a hug.

“It’s alright. But I was just about to go to bed so....” I trailed off looking into his eyes. Harry has been my best mate forever, since we were first born. I pulled away from him, I went to my drawers and got out my nightie.

“If you would?” I said giggling as I pointed towards the door.

“Nahh babe, it’s alright. I’ll just sit here looking the other way” He replied sarcastically.

“Oh fine” I said giving up.

I got changed into my snuggly pj’s and got into bed. Harry had just gone to the bathroom to get changed. He came back in and got into bed.

“Er what do you think your doing?” I asked smiling.

“I’m staying in here, what else do you think I would do?” Harry smirked then pulled me close to him. He put the light out.

“C’mon babe, come here” He said comfortingly as I leaned into his chest. We were 19. I had nothing to lose so why not. I fell asleep soon enough. I knew he was looking at me, and just before he fell asleep he kissed me on the forehead and snuggled down into the covers as I drifted into a dreamy wonderland.  

I woke up…it was still really dark and I wondered why. I looked at the clock it was 5am….euggh. I saw Harry looking down at me.

“Morning” He whispered in my ear.

“Morning” I replied back sleepily. I was still wrapped up in his arms, his arms were so strong, but they were so comforting at the same time. I knew that his past relationships had gone slightly wrong so I didn’t want to damage him even more. I knew that we would never be anything more than best friends. Anyway, I got up and went downstairs and made a cup of tea, it was still quite dark and Eleanor was still asleep so I tried to make as less noise as I could. I took my cup of tea back upstairs and Harry was still lying in bed. He didn’t know what I knew. He didn’t know what I was. Inside I was different, different to everyone else… I was a different creature. He looked at me.

“What’s wrong Lacy?” He asked looking at me curiously

“Nothing,nothing” I said hastily. I should try and keep this to myself, but how can I? He’s my best friend, I only learnt what I was when I was 14, I kept it from him for 5 years. Is it time? Is it really time to admit, admit what I am? Confess what I’ve kept from him for 5 precious years? I think it was time….. What do I say?How will he react? Time to find out…..

“Harry?” I said nervously.

“Yes lacy?” He answered looking at me cautiously.

“Nothing…It’s just, I thought I could use another hug” I said smiling.He smiled and came and picked me up and hugged me tight.  I can’t believe I backed out of it! I need to tell him. But maybe now’s not the right time…Oh I’m so confused! 


I know this isn't very good but I only spent about 1 hour and a half doing it, If u like it thanks! Will try and post a new chapter some time this weekend or next week!


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