His Princes <3.

I just added you on skype an videochatted you because you are my idol but i geuss i am more to you… ( A niall james horan fanfic)<3


1. O N E

*Shania's POV* 



"OMG LETS ADD NIALL" I said to my best friend Jannie 

"OMG yes do that i think thats the good one" she said pointing to a skype 

i clicked on it an i was accepted very fast 

"I bet its fake j" yes i call her j awkward but idc haha 

"OMG SHA HE IS VIDEOCALLING YOU OMG ANSWER FOOL" Jannie screamed i laughed and accepted


"Hello" said a thick irish accent

"OMGGGG FCK OFFF" i said running away

"DAMN SHANIA GET BACK wait one moment niall" jannie said running after me

She draged me into the room whow she is strong didnt know that haha

"A new hello then" Niall said

"uhm yeah hello there hehe" i said

"anyway uhm we gotta shut our videochat sorry" i said shutting it

"j i dunno but i am just gonna chat because i am not fully awake" i said

"yeah sure " she said 

(n is niall s is shania ) 






s: wazzup 

N:nothing much just chillin

s:ok so how are the lads?

n: they are good haha you are so cute

s: hehe thnx i think :$ 

n: no thnx babe

(shania<3x went offline)


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