Remaining Hidden

Everyone knows about the holocaust when Hitler and many others killed innocent Jews including many children. This is for the historical fiction competition. Where my story is about a family, a family of Jews and how life was for them through the holocaust. If anything is offense, or rude or incorrect please don't hate me and tell me.


2. Daughter

Aliza P.O.V

I wake up in the night. My hand around my mum. Mother looks so peaceful when she is sleeping. She has been crying the whole night. When I ask her what is wrong, she says nothing. But I know she is lying. I kiss mum's forehead. My little brother Daniel lies on mother's tummy. I push the blanket around mum and Daniel. I'm not cold. I'm missing daddy too much. So is Daniel and mummy. I don't know why he hasn't come. I can just imagine daddy opening the door, and walking in. He will tell us he was busy, and come sleep with us. But I know it's a lie. I ask mummy where is daddy. She looks away, and begins crying. I'm scared. In my primary school they told me and Daniel not to come. I ask why and they had told me, it was because I was a Jew. What is the matter of being a Jew? Isn't everyone the same? The teachers at school, glare at me, and call me rotten Jew. They say it is our fault that the crops are not growing, that the soldiers lose in the war. Our fault. It's not my fault. I hear a loud knocking in the door. I shake mother awake.

"Mummy, Mummy" I exclaim trying not to wake Daniel.

"What is it sweetie?" Mum asks, rubbing her eyes.

"Mummy, someone is knocking on the door" I tell mummy.

Mummy opens her warm brown eyes, and then stands up. She tucks Daniel around me, and pulls the blanket on us.

"You go to sleep sweetheart, mummy will see" mummy tells me, kissing my forehead and then running to the door.

I try to sleep but can't. I wrap the blanket around Daniel. Who stirs and wakes up. He is about to cry, but I press my finger to his lips.

"Shush!" I whisper to Daniel.

I hold Daniel hand. He wakes up, rubbing his eyes. We walk towards the door. Where we can hear mum talking. Maybe she is talking to dad. We run in. Something not right. The guy who is talking to mummy is not daddy. I stare at the man. He looks like he is a soldier. He looks like he is in his thirties, older then mother. He has brown hair, bright blue beady eyes that stare at mother, his hand slither up mother's wrist. He has a brown snail like moustache, which looks like he brushes every day.

"He can't be dead" mother sobs, collapsing on the floor,

The man bends down to mother, and wraps his arm around her shoulder. I don't like the man, touching our mother. Only daddy touches mother.

"I am so sorry Chana but he's dead. They killed him, they shot him. I saw it. Just for being a Jew. I wanted to help him, but I couldn't. You need to hide Chana and your family too, or they will come and shoot you too" the man comforts.

"Let them shoot me I don't care. Peter is dead. I want to die too" mother wails.

I walk towards mother, Daniel holding my hand. I had never seen her like this. She looks so lost. Her lovely chestnut brown hair falls down her waist. Her warm brown eyes brimmed with tears.

"Mummy what's wrong" I ask.

Mother looks at me, realizing that me and Daniel were there. Then hugs us tight. Her tears wet my shoulder. I rub mother's back, trying to comfort her. A part of me wondering what had happened to daddy.

"Where is daddy?" Daniel asks curiously.

Mother breaks our hug. Then looks at me and Daniel.

"He's dead" mother cries.

What did mother say? Daddy's dead. Daddy can't be dead. Daddy. I love daddy so much. Who will look after us now?

"Don't worry I will look after you" the man answers, like he's read my mind.

"But" my mother tries to say.

"Don't say a word Chana, Peter was my best friend. He would have wanted me to look after you. I will take care of you, it's the least I could do. But we need to hide" the man tells mother.

"Hide" Daniel stutters out.

"Children, the Germans are coming to kill us Jews. They blame us for the crops, the soldiers losing there battle. They are going to kill all the Jews. We need to hide" Mother tells us.

"Get all your suitcases, we have to leave now" the man tells us.

"Sure Sam, it will take us five minutes" mother tells the man known as Sam.

"Aliza, get a suitcase, and fill it up with yours and your brother clothes" mother tells us.

I run to our room, Daniel walks behind me. I take the dusty pink suitcase from under the bed, and zip it open. I shove my pyjamas, my best dress, my underwear, and a few other clothes. Then shove Daniel pyjamas, his best clothes, and a few others. Then we look around. I pick up my birthday teddy that daddy had bought for my last birthday, and then shove it under my coat. I wrap me and Daniel in our clothes. Daniel picks his baby teddy bear, and we walk downstairs, with our suitcase.

"Why are you bringing your clothes, forget it. Quick, we have to leave now. You took a lot of time. Sam is waiting" mother told us. A red suitcase in her hand. I look at our house one last time. What I did not know is that it would be our last time looking at the house, and that we would never return here.


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