Stay with me..

Niall Horan and Skye Lincoln think they're lives are perfect. Up in till one day an accident ruins it all. But are they strong enough to get through it?


7. ~7~

Skye’s P.O.V

“Wake up!” I hear a familiar whisper, everything ached. “Wake up, please Skye. I need you!” At this point I recognised it, the thick Irish accent asking me too wake up. I tried to open my eyes, but it hurt – a lot. I let out a small wail, and eventually opened my eyes. Niall’s beautiful eyes were scanning my face; he gasped and smiled at me “Skye.” He said gently “Niall.” I said back. “What happened?” I ask confused. “I need to get a doctor, to tell them you’ve woken up. But I’ll explain later, and Skye, I love you!” He smiled at me “I love you too.” He walked out the room to find a doctor, I lay my head down on the bed, and tried remembering why I was in the hospital, but I couldn’t. “Skye! Oh my goodness! You’re awake!” Perrie said walking into my room “Yeah!” I smiled at her and Zayn, who slowly followed behind her. “It’s great you’re awake, everyone was terrified you’d-” Zayn suddenly stopped “Die. It’s okay and I know.” I finish for him. “Hello, Miss Lincoln. How are you feeling?” A doctor says walking towards me.  “Fine, though my leg hurts, and my arm. And I have no idea why I’m in this place!” I reply honestly. “That’s probably because you broke your leg and you’re here because you and Niall were both in a car accident, and you were put in a coma, but you have – other than your leg – almost fully recovered.” He said quite fast, I slowly nodded taking it all in. “Oh” Is all that I manage to say right now. About ten minutes after Perrie and Zayn talked to me for about half an hour, filling me in on everything since I’d been in a coma. And then they left, so it was just me and Niall, which I was glad about, I’d hardly seen him. Niall closed the door behind Zayn and looked up at me. “Hey” Niall grinned at me. “Hey, it feels like I haven’t seen you.” I say sadly “That’s probably because you haven’t, and I miss it you know, I miss just us.” He moaned back. “Look, the important thing is we’re both alright, and we love each other okay?” I look at him “Yeah, I know.” He replied with a shy smile. “When can we go home?” I moan tired of being in a hospital. “Soon”  “Whens that?”  “Soon” He repeated and kissed my cheek. “Hello!” Louis shouted walking in, typical Louis.. Ruining mine and Niall’s moment together. “It’s great to see you Skye!” He smiled at me and gave me a hug, but hurt my arm whilst hugging me “Ow!” I squeal “Sorry!” I laughed back it him “it’s fine.”   “Hello, hello, hello Miss Skye Lincoln!” Harry smiled walking in. “Haz!” I cheer. He came up quickly and hugged me. I missed harry, him and I got on really well. Harry, Niall, and Louis sat on the end of my bed, and we talked for ages, up until Danni and Liam came. Even though only 3 people were allowed in the room with me, we all huddled up on my hospital bed or around it. “So, what was it like? Being in a coma I mean.” Danni asked. I thought for a while, you can’t really feel anything. Not even a dream. “I don’t know, just like a dreamless sleep.’’ I reply after a while. “Ugh, boring” Louis moaned. I laughed at him and nodded. “I’ve missed you all!” I say suddenly. “Same, we were all so worried, and ‘get better Skye’ is trending on twitter!” Liam said “Really?” I ask confused, yet flattered I suppose. “Yeah look” I pulled out my phone and saw it, but then saw things like ‘‘@SkyeLincolnX’ Hurry up and die! ‘@Niallsmine’’ and ‘‘@SkyeLincolnX’ Please, the world’s better without you, please hurry up and leave it.:-) ‘@MissyHoranxoxo’’ A tear escaped my eye “Skye? What’s up?” Niall asked gently. I put my phone down. “Twitter. Ignore them; you’ve got so many people that love you, ignore the ‘haters’” Harry said comfortingly. I nodded, “So how’s dancing Danni?” I try to change the conversation “Good thanks” She said smiling. I let out a small yawn “I think that’s our cue to leave guys” Liam said laughing. “Thanks for everything guys, seriously. You’ve all been so nice.” I say. They left and I patted an empty spot on my bed for Niall. He lay down with his arm around me, “Niall” “yes?” “I love you.” I smile, looking into his eyes. “I love you too.” I was almost asleep but Niall suddenly spoke again “Skye” “Yes?” I say irritated that he was keeping me up. “I’m hungry.” I burst out laughing. “I’ve missed you.” HHHHhuhjhjdhjgjhujfdjisj


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