Stay with me..

Niall Horan and Skye Lincoln think they're lives are perfect. Up in till one day an accident ruins it all. But are they strong enough to get through it?


5. ~5~

Perrie’s P.O.V

“Zayn, I’m sorry!” I say chasing after him as he walked fast down the hospital corridor. He quickly span round “You’re sorry?” He said angrily “Yes,” I start to explain, but then burst into tears. I turned the direction Zayn wasn’t going trying to hide the tears. I started crying louder, and then Zayn pulled me into a hug. How could he be so nice all the time? “But Zayn, I didn’t cheat on you. I swear, I wouldn’t.. never, ever.” I cry “Sh, its okay. I love you Perrie” “I love you too” I stared at the bare white hospital walls, and feel bad for Skye almost like a prisoner in this place, on the verge of life and death. And then there was Niall, innocent Niall who just wanted her to get better. Who just wanted have been with his fiancé for more than 2 years. “Don’t cry Perrie” Zayn whispered softly into my ear. “It’s just… Skye. And Niall. They may never speak to each other again” I cry “I know, but we have to think positive, for Niall” He replied, I silently nodded back at him. “Why don’t we go see her tomorrow again?” He suggested and repeated my silent nod. I drove us both back to my flat. We didn’t share it yet, but I knew I wanted to, and before Niall and Skye’s accident Zayn always suggested it to me. “Zayn, when will we-“      “Soon, let’s just wait for Skye to get better” He interrupted, knowing what I had meant “You know I love you Zayn, right?” I say, a bit suddenly. “I love you too babe, and I’d really love to move in with you straight away.. but at the moment I don’t think anyone’s ready, but I’ll stay here a lot and it’ll be like we live together..” After he finished, I sighed loudly. “If that’s what you want, but we do have to keep on about our normal lives – and I know Niall will struggle to see us close when Skye’s down. I understand that completely, but it shouldn’t put us out of living together, should it?” Zayn shook his head in reply. “No it shouldn’t babe.” He added and started to smile at me.


Niall’s P.O.V

I opened mine and Skye’s apartment door and found my mum cleaning the kitchen. “You really need to organize this cupboard Niall.” My mum said. “I know” I moan going into my room. “How are things then?” She asked walking in the room. “Fine” I barely whisper in reply “Honestly?” She asked knowing I was lying “Well what do you expect? Me to just be one hundred per cent honest, and just say; No Things are shit. I feel like I’m about to break into a thousand pieces. I can’t cope. I can’t even try to smile. And even if I put on a fake smile, I feel bad because Skye can’t even open her eyes. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t!” I yell back frustrated, my mum looked as if she was going to burst into tears. She walked over to me and put her arm around me. “Everything’s going to be fine.” She softly whispered into my ear and held me tight. I couldn’t hold any tears in, they came flooding down and I hated it. I hated how I’d upset my mum, how I was okay and Skye wasn’t, how I was driving the car and might have killed Skye. “You need to rest darling” My mum said a few minutes later. I did as she suggested and got into my bed.

“Niall? My stomach hurts, really badly.” Skye moaned, gently waking me up at about 2. “Omg! Do you think... this is it? Is it time?” I ask excited but confused it was a month early. “I don’t know! Let’s go to the hospital, quick!” She says opening the door. We got into my car and quickly headed for the hospital. Skye was taken into a private room with just me and the doctors/nurses in. I grabbed her hand, she squealed out in pain – which I hated. “Are you sure she’s alright? Maybe we should take some tests?” I suggest worrying. “No, most patients are like this” The doctor said in reply. Most? 2 hours passed and Skye gave birth. A beautiful baby girl came out wailing, but suddenly stopped. And for a moment, so did my heart. More doctors piled in and it was very crowded, too crowded for my new baby girl. “Doctor?” I ask panicking. “Doctor?’’ I repeat “What’s happening?”

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