Stay with me..

Niall Horan and Skye Lincoln think they're lives are perfect. Up in till one day an accident ruins it all. But are they strong enough to get through it?


4. ~4~

Niall’s P.O.V

“Fine. Just go!” Skye shouted at me with hurt in her eyes, I couldn’t stand that look, I felt like running up to her and hugging her and letting her know everything would be okay. But that’s what I always do. “I’m not going to go whilst you’re in this mood” I shout back at her, avoiding looking into her beautiful eyes. “You are, you have to. But you didn’t think of me while you were planning your tour in Australia, you didn’t even care enough about me enough to tell me – until the fucking night before” Skye angrily shouted, but she did look really upset “You don’t think I care about you?” I quietly said and walked out my flat, slamming the door behind me. I walked to this quite hidden park and wanted to cry but there seemed to be to many paparazzi in front of me “Piss of” I mumble. About two hours later I went back to my flat. I opened mine and Skye’s room door and saw the back of Skye’s head “Skye?” I whisper, she turned around and stared up at me. You could tell she’d been crying. I quietly walked over and climbed on our bed next to her. I wrapped my arms around her and wiped away her tears “I’m sorry babe, I’ll still see you, I’ll fly down here… and you can fly up to wherever I’ll be” I say kissing her gently on the cheek. “I’m going to miss you so much Nialler” She tries to smile back at me. “I’ll miss you more”

I woke up crying. I wish I’d never had a fight with Skye, she was so perfect. I love her too much for her to just disappear away from me. “Niall, don’t cry” Zayn said looking down at me. “Skye might die” I cry louder “She might, but she’s got 2 months to recover, she could be fine.” Zayn said, which didn’t reassure me in the slightest bit, but I slowly nodded. “Can I see Skye?” I ask missing her beautiful long wavy brunette hair, I missed her smile and her laugh.. And how she made me smile and laugh, but I haven’t smiled since the crash. Not properly anyway. It pains me to smile knowing she’s.. well in this state. A tear slipped from my eye but I quickly wiped it away. “I think so, let me check.” Zayn answered walking out the room I think to find a doctor. A couple of minutes later he walked back in “You can see her, but are you sure you’re ready?”   “Yes I’m sure.” I reply straight away slightly annoyed at how I’m being treated like a 4 year old, nobody understands how I actually feel right now. “Niall,”  “Yes?”  “I know none of us understand how you feel right now – I don’t see how we could but we are all really sorry.” Zayn said softly. Had he read my mind? I nodded thankfully back at Zayn, then he helped me get on my crutches and I headed to Skye’s room.

Danielle’s P.O.V

“Liam?” I shout walking into the kitchen, then the lounge “Hey babe” He says glumly, hardly looking up at me. I sat on the sofa next to him. “Any news?” I ask hopeful, I didn’t know Skye that well, but whenever I saw her she was always so nice. “Nope” He replies motionless. “Oh” I say looking down at the floor where Loki lay. “Do you want some food?” Liam asked me “I don’t mind” I reply “Shall we watch a film?” I ask, not sure what to do to make him feel better about Niall and Skye. “Sure” We watched P.S I Love You and there was a long silence afterwards. “There have been lots of tweets, asking how Skye is” Liam said slowly breaking the silence and looking up from his phone “I bet there is, right Loki needs a walk, shall we take her on one quickly now?” I suggest “Okay” Liam answered.

Niall’s P.O.V

“Speaking to her can help, it’s worked on other patients before” The nurse said as I walked in. I nodded, knowing I’d do anything for Skye to feel better. I opened Skye’s door and sat down on the chair closest to her bed before looking directly at her. I put my crutches on the floor and looked up at her. Here beautiful eyes were closed, there was a graze on her forehead and a cut by her nose, and she looked like she was smiling. She looked… peaceful – which I was happy about. “Hey Skye, this feels weird.. you know talking to you and getting no response. But the nurse said it sometimes helps, and I’m going to do anything that could help, I love you Skye. I don’t think I got to finish telling you in the car. But I do. I love you more than anything in the world. You’re my beautiful fiancé and hopefully one day, you’ll be my beautiful wife.” I searched for one of her hands and grabbed it. It hurt so much, not knowing that my fiancé – well best friend might never.. wake up.  “I really miss you baby, I need you to wake up. I can’t live without you. Stay with me..” Tears started falling from my eyes. I gently stroked her hair. And watched her sleep, then fell asleep myself.

“Niall, I need to tell you something.” Skye said quietly to me as she lay down beside me on the bed. “What is it?” I ask interested. “I’m.. pregnant.” What! I looked up in shock, I didn’t know how to feel, happy. Sad. Confused. “I’m sorry, I know we’re young, and I don’t have a job yet but –“   “Sorry? Why sorry, it’ll be fine. It’ll be great!” I say starting to feel happier and excited. She let out a small laugh “I love you Niall” She said.

“Skye?” I say out loud. Then realize where I am and that I was asleep on a hospital chair holding Skye’s hand. “She’s still asleep Niall” Perrie said apologetically walking in with Zayn. “Oh” is all I can say at the moment, without bursting into tears. “Hello Mr Horan, Mr Malik and Mrs Edwards. I need to do some tests now, would you mind leaving for a little while?” Doctor Koomson – Skye’s doctor – asked us. I slowly nodded and headed out and home to get changed.         

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