Stay with me..

Niall Horan and Skye Lincoln think they're lives are perfect. Up in till one day an accident ruins it all. But are they strong enough to get through it?


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*Authors note* Hey, sorry if the writings all over the place, I don't know how to change it, and sorry its kind of short but half way through the next one already+ hope you like it, comment honest opinions + idea's thank you guys;-)

     Liam’s P.O.V

I couldn’t think of anything but Niall’s face when he found out about Skye. The doctors said that that there is only the smallest chance she’ll survive. Ring! Ring! “Hello?” I asked putting my phone near my ear. “Hey babe, any news?” Danielle said “No, they’re taking tests on Niall now. But they don’t think Skye will.. will make it.” I struggle to say. Skye has to make it. “You never know, miracles happen sometimes” Danielle try’s to be strong, but I knew she must be sad. Her and Skye were really good friends. “Yeah”  “Do you want to come over later? Louis’s staying here tonight.” I quickly add. “Sure. I’ll come at 7ish?” I silently nod. “Liam?” Danielle asks a few seconds later “Oh yeah, that’s fine”

“Excuse me!” I start to run and catch Skye’s doctor who was walking out Skye’s room. He spun round quickly and faced me. “How is she?” I ask hope full. “Not great to be honest. Would you like to step inside a second?” The doctor replies pointing towards Skye’s room. I took a deep breath and slowly walked into her room. “It’s not good news. I’m sorry, but we have put Skye in a medically induced coma in 2 months, we will try and wake her up. If she doesn’t wake up but we see any signs of improvements, we will               keep her in a coma for a little while longer, but if there is no sign of improvement, we will have to turn of her life support.” I gasped in shock. 2 months, and that could be it. Skye, her life.. could be over. How could I tell Niall? He couldn’t live without her. I felt some tears stream down my face, I wanted to say something, but nothing came out. I looked over at Skye, she looked happy even though she was possibly dying. I can’t describe how much I longed for it to be back a couple of days ago. We were all going to Australia. Everyone was okay. But now, Niall was heartbroken, everyone was worried, Skye might die. The tears kept falling, even when I was driving home.


Zayn's P.O.V


 “Who’s going to tell Niall?” I ask Liam “Harry and Louis, they’re seeing him today, which is when we told Niall we’d tell   him. He needs to know, but I just wish it was good news, if Skye doesn’t ma-make it, I couldn’t bare it. I could tell her anything, and now… I can’t” Liam replied starting to cry “We all do mate. We don’t know for sure about anything right now.” I try to reassure myself as well as Liam. “I just… I mean… I’m worried about Niall, what he’ll do when he’ll find out. He’ll be torn – Skye was so young too. And loved him so much, but they might never be able to say it to each other again” Liam was crying harder. “I know Liam, but we have to think positive, if not for ourselves then for Niall.” I say worried that I’ll start to cry too. RING! RING!      “H-hello?” Liam struggled through tears on his phone. “Oh Louis?   Yeah      Are you at the hospital yet?   Okay, you’re telling Niall, is that o-   Sure?    Thanks, bye” Liam hung up on Louis and slid his iPhone into his pocket. “They just got to the hospital.” Liam informed me.

Niall’s P.O.V 

3 days. It’s been 3 days since.. since me and Skye have been in hospital. I don’t know how she is yet, somebody’s telling me today. I can walk a bit but I need crutches, and later today a nurse said I could see Skye – which I wanted more than anything. Knock! Knock! “Come in” I mumble. Harry and Louis quickly come in, closing the door behind them. “How are you Niall?” Harry asked “Fine thanks” I reply. “Can you tell me how Skye is? I think I have a right to know by now. Everyone else does!” I add slightly annoyed “Okay, Skye’s been put into a coma,” Harry says quickly glancing up at me, “for.. 2 months, but she could wake up and even if she doesn’t, they can prolong the coma if there are any signs of improvement.” Harry tried to reassure me, but it didn’t work. I take a deep breath “And if there isn’t?”   “Then we – the doctors will have to.. to turn off her l-“   “Life support” I said motionless finishing Louis’ sentence. I lay back flat on my bed, drifting into a light sleep.

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