Stay with me..

Niall Horan and Skye Lincoln think they're lives are perfect. Up in till one day an accident ruins it all. But are they strong enough to get through it?


15. ~15~

Perrie's P.O.V

Skye was now very heavily pregnant, 8 months and Eleanor was 6 months, Zayn and I have officially moved in together and everyone's finally happy. Everyone except Liam who everyone's starting to feel huge sympathy for. "Eleanor, we need to find somebody for Liam." I said when she came to mine and Zayn's house."I know, he's been so low lately." Eleanor agreed. "But who?" I racked my brain trying to think of somebody. "Well theres your friends?" I suggested. "Naa, none of them seem right for him, either that or their taken." She replied. "What about any of the band?" She said meaning Little Mix. "Oh yeah! Jade's single and loves Liam!" I said happily. "Yeah, come on we need to think of a plan to get them two together at the same time!" Eleanor smiled.


Jade's P.O.V


*3 hours later*

I had to get ready to go to the cinema with Perrie and everyone, I looked in my wardrobe and chose a green skater skirt with a white blouse. I put my 'original fashion' bow tie on as well. I left my hair curly and re-applied my eye - liner and mascara. I got a taxi to the cinema and when I arrived nobody was there. I decided to call Perrie because I was already late. "Hello?" She answered. "Hey where are you and everyone else. I'm pretty much the only one in here!" I chuckled down the phone. "Oh yeah sorry, slight change of plan.. I cant come, neither can the others other than Liam. Gotta go he'll be there soon. Bye!" "Wait wh-" The line went dead. Thanks. I thought to myself. Even though it was odd everyone bailing I may as well watch the film now I'm here. And Liam and I get on. "Hey" Liam smiled walking up to me. "Hey!" I grinned back. "So, Perrie said you wanted to meet me here?" He asked confused. "Huh?" I said confused also. "I never said that.. No Perrie called and asked me to come here with you lot.. and then all of a sudden only you  could make it?" I said honestly. "Oh, god. They're up to their 'match making' again." He laughed lightly. "Oh!" I laughed back. "Look, whilst we're here why dont we just watch a film?" He asked. I nodded and we went in and watched Despicable Me 2. To be honest, I think we both hated it but it was the most decent thing there. "Ugh, that was shit!" Liam laughed. "I know right! I'm starving." I said putting on a sad face. "Me too. Lets go get something to eat?" He suggested and I nodded, being as I was completely starving.  



*Authors note, so chapters a tad longer. What do you think about Jade and Liam? As I love both One Direction and Little Mix I wanted to put more of them in it too! They're name could be 'Lade' or 'Jiam' or 'Thyne' or 'Pirlwall' haha, which one would you choose? Please keep commenting, liking, reading.. and you may request to be part of the story I'm not sure good or evil though;-) but yeah.. Id love to get you readers more involved so comment who you want to be the main part of the new chapters and if you wanna be in it comment your name and what you wouldnt mind being! Obviously the part cant be taken already!

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