Stay with me..

Niall Horan and Skye Lincoln think they're lives are perfect. Up in till one day an accident ruins it all. But are they strong enough to get through it?


13. ~13~

*1 month later*

Niall's POV

"Skye, you'll never guess what!" I say excitedly. "What?" She said walking into the room. "Eleanor's pregnant!" "What, wow!" Skye said happily. "I know, and we're going to the holiday house with the lads, Eleanor and Perrie." I cheered. I loved our holiday house, it gave us a break from some fans so we could have more of a private life. "For 2 months again?" Skye said sounding hopeful. "Yeah!" I exclaimed. Then pulled her in for a kiss, "Niall, not now. I need to get me and you packed because you find it impossible to do your self!" Skye said laughing. "Okay." I chuckled. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. "Oh hey Lou." I say drawing the phone to my ear. "Hey, did you tell Skye?" "Yes! Congratulations you two, we're really pleased!" I smiled. "Cheers. So we'll pick you up from yours at 1?" Louis suggested. "Yeah, see you then. Bye!" I said hanging up. The time flew by pretty quickly then, and I heard Louis do his special knock on the door. "Congratulations guys!" Skye happily shouted running to hug both of them straight away. "Aww thanks." Eleanor grinned happily. "Yeah, congrats you two, shall we set off?" I smile. "Yeah, I can't wait. Peace at last!" Louis chuckled. After quite a long drive we finally got to the holiday house. I absolutely loved this place, the beach was literally on our doorstep, and there were very few people ever on the beach. The house had a huge pool out side. Inside was nice, huge tv's, cosy rooms.. even a small studio for us to practice. "I love this house." Skye said happily, reading my mind. "Same!" I smiled. I unpacked some stuff real quick then got my swimming trunks on. "coming through!" I yell barging past Louis and diving into the pool. "Skye, get in or I'll push you!" I joked splashing water at you. "Remember, I'm 4 months pregnant, no thanks!" She laughed. I gave in knowing I couldn't do a thing that could effect our baby's health. "Fine." I say giving in. I got out the pool and pushed fully clothed Louis in. "Niall, I will kill you!" He said angrily. Skye and Eleanor were in fits of laughter as Louis chased me round the pool. "I'll get you, when you least expect it." He gave an evil grin. I laughed, because his idea of 'payback' is nothing compared to my brother Greg's which I had to put up with all my childhood! About half an hour later, Harry appeared with a tall skinny blonde sucking on his neck. "Get a room Haz." I said turning away. Zayn and Liam came with Perrie shortly after. 

 Perrie's P.O.V

I felt sorry for Liam, being the only single one at this time. You could see he was still upset, but I think he's moved on from Danielle. I cant believe what she did to him though, how could she hurt him. Liam was probably - apart from Zayn - the member of the band I was closest to. I watched him sit down on the sofa, looking really lonely. "Hey Liam." I said walking over to him. "Hey" He said quietly in reply. "You okay?" "Mm." "Liam, I can tell you're lying." I said raising my eyebrows. "It's just, everyone has somebody. I.. I dont anymore. I'm the least liked wherever I go." He said fighting back tears. "That's not true! You have the band, me, Skye, Eleanor, your family.. I could go on forever. You're not the least liked. Dont ever think that!" I said hugging him. "Thanks." He said, but he still wasnt okay. What could I do though? 

*Author's note*

Look im sorry for the really short crappy chapter.. shall i just skip till the baby's born? Ive got a good idea for the rest of the story after that.. but now im clueless!:( feel free to tell me your honest opinions, if your happy with it great, if your not tell me what i could do to improve.. bye:P

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