Stay with me..

Niall Horan and Skye Lincoln think they're lives are perfect. Up in till one day an accident ruins it all. But are they strong enough to get through it?


12. ~11~

Skye's POV

It had been 2 months since I first found out I'm pregnant, and I've felt mixed emotions, scared. Happy, nervous. I mean, what if everything goes wrong again? I don't know how me and Niall would cope. We've already been through so much together, can't we just be happy now? "Skye!" Niall called from downstairs. "Mm?" I said, probably not loud enough for him to hear me. "Skye?" Niall said a minute later opening the door. "We've got to go, we'll be late for my mum." He said panicking slightly. "I know, sorry, it's just how will she react?" I ask looking down at my belly, that was still quite small. "Fine, she'll be happy for us." Niall smiled grabbing my suitcase. "I hope so." I sighed "Don't worry so much babe, its going to be fine." Niall said, then kissed me for 2 minutes straight. I pulled away out of breath, Niall took my hand and kissed it before holding it. "I love you, Niall." I smile. "I love you too, fiance." He said proudly, which made me smile, he was proud to be with me. "Only 1 week to go, then you can call me your wife." I said happily. We wanted to get married quite quickly. I mean we've been waiting ages, but given the crash.. we haven't had any time. "Here." Niall said pulling up on Maura's drive. I liked that she moved near us, it was nice to see her. After my parents dying in the 911, she was like a mom to me as soon as we both met. "Hello!" Maura said running out the door and drawing us into a big hug. "Hey, how've you been?" I ask "Okay, I met somebody.." She answered happily. "Thats great, what's he like?" I ask, honestly happy that she's finally moved on from Niall's dad. "Well, why don't you just see for yourself?" She said. I looked at the man who started to walk out the door and froze. "Niall, Skye.. this is-" "Uncle Daniel!" I said excitedly hugging my uncle. I hadn't seen him in... years. "Skye. I haven't seen you in ages!" He laughed "Oh, so you guys know each other then." Maura said slightly confused. "Yes, she's my niece."


Maura's P.O.V

"Small world!" Niall laughed. "Yeah!" I laughed and led everyone inside. I loved having everyone round, I see Skye as a daughter. And when she almost died, I wasn't sure if i could cope without her. Everyone sat down on the table and Skye and Daniel had a catch up chat for a while. "Do you want some wine Skye, you're the only one without a glass!" I asked confused. Skye remained silent for a moment, and looked up at Niall, who nodded? Why did he nod? "I can't yet." She said briefly. "Oooh, are you still not allowed to drink from the accident? That's a bit silly." I say clueless. "No, mum. Skye's pregnant." Niall says excitedly. "Pregnant? Since when? Oh my gosh, this is amazing!" I say happily. "We found out 2 months ago. But I'm 12 weeks pregnant." Skye said. I felt slightly hurt they hadn't told me before today, I mean I see them every week. But I tried not to show it. "That's fabulous!" I say "Yeah congratulations you two!" Daniel says happily patting them on the back.


Eleanors POV

"Louis, I need to tell you something." I nervously yell "Mm? What is it?" Louis asks in reply walking up the stairs. I wait for him to come in our room and sit down. I felt.. well actually, I dont know what I felt. Everything was happening so fast, and was this what I wanted? Was this what we wanted?"Well, I don't really know how to say this, but I'm... I'm pregnant." I blurt out, with nervousness. I didnt even look up at Louis, I couldn't face his reaction. What if he couldn't handle it and left me. "I..Are.. Are you s-sure?" Louis stuttered. I nodded, continuing to look down at the loose floorboard in our room. "Then we'll make it work." Louis said, but with little confidence. Then gently wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me down so I lay next to him on the bed. "How?" I ask, feeling tears starting to slip from my eyes. Louis wiped them "I dont know yet, but we will. I promise you." He said before kissing me slowly. 

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