Stay with me..

Niall Horan and Skye Lincoln think they're lives are perfect. Up in till one day an accident ruins it all. But are they strong enough to get through it?


10. ~10~

Niall’s P.O.V

“It’s Christmas guys!” I yell waking up at about 6. “Niall, IT’S 6 IN THE MORNING BE QUIET.” I think Liam shouted angrily in response. I looked at the space next to me where Skye slept – it was empty. “Skye?” I quietly said walking out of the room down the hallway. I went into the kitchen and saw her making pancakes, I laughed “Skye, you know it’s 6 and you’re making pancakes?” “I know, but I love Christmas!” She smiled at me “Same.” I laughed getting a bit of pancake mixture and flicking it on her nose. “Excuse me?” Skye said chasing after me with the whole bowl of mixture, I turned around for a second and immediately regretted it, Skye tipped the entire bowl on my head. “That’s it!” I said running after Skye. She ran to the opposite side of the table, so I quickly ran round the other side. “Gotcha!” I cheered grabbing Skye lightly by her waist. “What on earth happened here?” Louis asked walking in yawning. “Merry Christmas to you to.” I said as Skye escaped from my arms. “I was making pancakes!” Skye laughed as she went to put the mixing bowl onto the side. “Aah!” Skye said as she slipped over some mixture that was on the floor. “Skye!” I shout running to her. “Ow!” She wailed. “Are you okay?” Louis asked worried “I think so, but Niall?” “What about the baby?” I asked worried, not caring that Louis would find out “Baby… what baby?” “I’m pregnant.” Skye said, Louis gasped “Well you need to check it out at the doctor’s then love.” Louis said patting her lightly on the shoulder “Yeah, I know.” She said quietly. “Lou, promise you won’t tell anyone yet?” I asked after we’d both helped Skye up. “Sure, whatever you want.”  I gave a thankful nod and walked to the car with Skye. I started driving, and then noticed Skye was crying. “Don’t cry love, everything’s going to be okay.” I said “What if it isn’t? What if I have miscarried? What if we can’t have kids at all?” “We’ll deal with those all later, but right now the most important thing is making sure you and our baby are okay.” Skye nodded as we arrived at the doctor’s. The doctor took an ultra sound on Skye, I felt nervous, but it was probably nothing compared to how Skye felt. The test felt as if it was taking months, I impatiently waited on this hospital chair , tapping on the arm of the metal and avoiding looking up to reveal any tears. “Mr Horan?” “Yes” I said almost immediately “Skye Lincoln is going to be fine, and she hasn’t miscarried, she can leave now.” “Thank you so much.” I quickly get up “And Mr Horan,” I nodded “Be more careful next time.” I nodded again, and left the waiting room to go to Skye’s room. “Hey” I smile pulling Skye into a hug, I held her tightly in my arms. “Niall, I can’t breathe!” She laughed “Sorry, I just.. I didn’t think it would be good news, and it is so I was just.. happy!” I let go and grabbed both hands looking into her beautiful blue eyes. “I know” She said leaning into me and passionately kissing my lips, I put one hand on her waist and the other on her neck. “Ew! Get a room!” Louis moaned covering his eyes. We both laughed “So I take it everything’s good?” He smiled “Yes, can we go back now? Everyone’s going to start asking questions about our absence.” Skye moaned “Nope, I took care of it. You’re visiting Greg.”  Louis said, he was so good at covering things up. “You and your lying Louis, it’s getting worrying!” Skye joked and gently knocked his shoulder. “I’m not that bad.” He grinned “There you go again mate.” I laugh. After a little more ‘debating’ we all got in the car and went back to Louis’. “When are you planning on telling people?” Louis asked kind of randomly. I looked at Skye, hoping she’ll say soon. I hate keeping secrets from anyone, let alone my best friends. “Today, if you want Niall? We may as well.. I know how you hate lying..” She teased, but I was relieved we didn’t need to hide it anymore. We pulled up outside Louis’ Skye reached for my hand and I quickly kissed her on the cheek. “How was Greg?” Harry asked as we walked in. I gave Skye a quick glance “Er, em we didn’t see Greg, we went to the hospital.” Skye said “What? Why? Is everything okay?” Liam asked walking into the room standing beside, shooting 3 questions at the same time. “No, I’m fine, we’re fine.” “She slipped this morning, and we were worried, so we checked if her, and our baby were okay.” I finished, explaining for them. “Skye? You’re pregnant?” Zayn said out of nowhere, taking it all in. She nodded happily, Liam leaned in for a hug of us both and said congratulations. Harry cheered and so did Zayn, then also gave a hug to us both. Eleanor walked down confused “Vas happenin?” She joked, mocking Zayn. But he just seemed pleased he wasn’t the only one who had said it recently! He high fived her and cheered “Get in there!” She laughed, “Seriously though, what’s with all this hugging and shit?” “Skye’s pregnant!” Zayn smiled. “Really? Congratulations guys!” She said happily joining in with the hug. “Guys, it’s Christmas, and we haven’t even given any presents out to each other!” Louis moaned, I laughed, but agreed with him. “Yeah, come on!” I say happily. “Okay, Liam this is yours!” Louis said searching for everyone’s presents under the tree. Everyone had there presents, I opened a weird shaped one “That’s mine for you!” Louis told me excitedly. “A carrot? Seriously?” I laughed and took a small bite out of it. “What, I took my presents very seriously this year. I even brought a carrot peeler for Zayn.” He smiled, I looked at Zayn “Its true, and I am so grateful Louis, I’ve been hinting at Perrie to buy me one for ages.” Zayn said sarcastically, I couldn’t help but laugh. Louis did too. We all had a Christmas tea sort of thing together, it was lovely – I mean you can’t beat turkey, can you? Around 2 hours later, we’d all finished and cleaned up. I went to find Skye, I knocked on our door. “Come in?” She said I opened the door. “Hey babe.” She said as I walked in “Hey, I wanted to ask you something.” “Shoot” She said smiling. “Well, now you’re pregnant.. and we were engaged before the.. accident, I thought maybe we could re-arrange a date, and you could be my.. my fiancé again?” I looked into her ocean blue eyes as I knelt down on the floor pulling a new diamond ring out of my trouser pocket. “Of course Niall, I love you more than anything… you know that yeah?” She smiled, pulling me closer to her, I kissed her lips passionately and we both lay down on the bed.

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