Stay with me..

Niall Horan and Skye Lincoln think they're lives are perfect. Up in till one day an accident ruins it all. But are they strong enough to get through it?


1. ~1~

Skye’s P.O.V

I looked out my window and smiled down at Niall. “Hello there” Niall shouted up at me. “Ready?” Yes. “Sure” I smile. And pick up my green suitcase and head out the door. “Let’s go to Australia!” He cheered opening the front door of his car for me and started driving. “Yes” I laughed back at him. “Skye…” Niall whispered. I nodded back at him he looked up and into my eyes “I love y-”

Everything blurred. I blacked out. Inside I was screaming, but outside I was nothing, nothing but lost.

Niall’s P.O.V

I opened my left eye, and was all of a sudden very confused. I was lying on what I think is a hospital bed, and being pushed into a ward. My arm ached, actually everything ached. I moaned out loudly in pain. Then a doctor rushed over and checked to see how I was. A few seconds later I was asleep again.

“Oh sorry” A small girl blushes embarrassed after she’d ran into me. “It’s fine love” I smiled at her. Her long wavy brown hair covering both shoulders, she was wearing a Jack Wills t-shirt and some light denim skinny jeans. She looked beautiful. “I am really sorry. Wait are you Niall Horan?” She smiled at me. “Yeah, I am. What’s your name?”  “Skye, Skye Lincoln”  “I like that name” I say sounding stupid. “Thanks, well I’m sure your busy so I’ll just leave..” She spoke kind of quickly “Wa-wait! Err, can I have your number?” I ask blushing. “Yeah sure” She said and told me her number. “You know, I’m not actually busy if you wanted to go grab a coffee or something” I ask. “Okay”

I woke up again but this time had 4 boys by my side. “Is he awake?” Zayn asked the other boys I presumed. “I think so. Niall?” Harry asked. “W-wha?” I mumble trying to sit up. “Ouch!” I wail. “We were really worried you wouldn’t make it Niall.” Liam said sounding sad. “What happened?” I asked looking over at them all and noticing all of them had tears in their eyes. “You and…” Louis started, but then cried a bit more. “You and S-Skye were in a car accident.” Zayn said slowly. Skye. “Skye? Where is she? How is she?” I start to worry. “Niall, Skye.. The doctors, the doctors don’t think she’ll m-make it. I’m so sorry” Harry’s words made my heart stop for a second. Tears stream down my face. I look down and stare at the hospital bedding. “I need to see her.” I say trying to get up. “Wait Niall, you can’t - not yet. Your legs broken and she’s still in surgery.” Liam quickly said and gently pushed me back on the bed. “But I need to tell her, this was my entire fault. I was driving.” I cry. “No, it wasn’t Niall. It was the other driver, there was a woman drunk and on her phone. Not paying attention and she crashed into you. But, she… she died 1 hour ago.” Zayn tried to explain. I lay my head down and closed my eyes.

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