she's the one!

Isabella,18,has always been a huge fan of One Direction. When she gets backstage passes to a concert in paris she never imagined they would become so close. What will happen when she meets them? Who will she fall for? Will he like her back?


3. Who she ran into! two days till the concert

I woke up seeing that Paris and Erica were still asleep. I went downstairs and made cinnamon rolls knowing that the delicious smell would wake them up. Sure enough i heard footsteps running down the stairs! "Morning ladies," I said. "Morning,"they both said at the same time. "Enjoy the food," I said. We all scarfed down the food and turned on the tellie. We were watching spongebob when suddenly I remembered something. Didn't Erica say she ran into someone at the store? I decided I would ask her. "Hey um Erica?" "What" "who did you run into at the store?" "Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you guys I ran into Mirabelle at the store and she said she wanted to come to the concert.... so I said she could!" "Oh okay I thought you were going to say something like one direction!" "Nope!" "Okay call Mira and tell her to come over asap!" "Okay, I will go now" Okay so now we have four people! Yay! Its just me, Rica, Pari, and Mira! This is going to be the most fun trip ever! When Mira gets here it will be time to go get our hair cuts! 


                                                          *skip the rest of the day* 


When we woke up in the morning I realized that the concert was tomorrow and we should start driving now. I woke everyone up and we all got showers. After we all got done we ate bagels, grabbed our luggage and packed it into the car. "I get to drive!," I said. "Shotgun!," shouted Erica. Mira and Paris both said,"We get to watch finding nemo in the back of the van!" We all started laughing!



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