she's the one!

Isabella,18,has always been a huge fan of One Direction. When she gets backstage passes to a concert in paris she never imagined they would become so close. What will happen when she meets them? Who will she fall for? Will he like her back?


2. At the mall:)

When she arrived to my house we got in the car. When we arrived at the mall the first store we went to was forever 21. I bought a new dress and several pairs of shorts and shirts. I was so excited! we went to basically every store in the mall. We decided we would start packing when we got back to my house. we were at the mall for the whole day!!!

                                                                                *AT THE HOUSE*

 I pulled out my two largest suitcases and folded the clothes neatly into the suitcases. Erica ran home to grab other clothes and her suitcases. I was getting ready to go to bed when my phone vibrated. ERICA: i will be back in a few:) went to the store to grab some snacks! you will never guess who i ran into!! see you in a bit love!        Okay.....that was weird. Might as well find to other people to join us for the concert. i called my friend Paris. *RING RING* She picked up. "Hello"  "HI Paris!! i was wondering if you wanted to go to the one direction concert in two days with me and erica!? "YES! of course boo! be over in a halfhour.!      Now i had three people going I just have to find one more. Erica walked in the door. "ERICA! you will never guess who is coming to the concert with us!" "Who?" "PARIS!!" "YAY!!!! im going to go upstairs and take a quick shower." "Okay!" Just then paris walked in the door. "hey paris!" "im going to go put my suitcase upstairs!",she said. "Im going upstairs to" we went upstairs and fell asleep. 


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