Falling Out.

This is not a love story.


1. One Drop

I was 10 years old when a psychopathic homeless man came into my house and violently stabbed my mother to death in the hallway down from m bedroom. I remember running out after hearing my Mother screaming in agony.

The man Threw my Mother's limp and lifeless body onto the ground, I can still feel my fear as I turned and tried to run into my room, The man chased my and pushed me to the ground and ripped all of my clothes off my body, He pinned my arms above my head.. I think you can guess what happened next, I remember being empty and emotionless as the man was on top of me, I had turned my head to see the fist drop of rain for the wet season hit my window.

Ever since that day I Sit in my room and was the fist rain storm of the long wet season to come, And I have made up my mind that The day the rain doesn't come. I was going to kill myself.

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