Why? (15+)

Harry said he loved Alyssa but when Alyssa caught Harry cheating on her Would she love Niall or she would love Harry Again..


4. Trust

We. Go to the mall and got our outfit cause me El Perrie and Danielle are gonna go clubbing. Then we went to Starbucks to grab a drink "Alyssa what happened between you and Harry?" El asked "he cheated on me " I answered "how did he cheat on you?" Perrie asked "sex" then I looked down "its fine Aly " Danielle said "but with whom? " El and Perrie asked in unison "My sister Mary Jane ...." then they hugged me. *at the club * the girls all found there boyfriend then I found Niall drunk then I lead him to the chair to sit down. When we sit down I saw Harry with a girl. The girl was massaging his crouch and Harry was massaging her boobs then they were gone. *Harry's P.O.V* I lead the girl to a room in the club then I went to the bath room to put some condom on when I went back to the room I saw the girl naked on bed her name is Mia the I got on top of her then I thrusted 2 fingers in side her then I kissed her neck then I sucked it the I got one nipple and put it on my mouth then I started sucking it and I did it in the other nipple also then when I'm done I asked "are you a virgin ?" Then she moaned yes then I licked her stomach hen when I got in her clit I sucked it like there was not another second then I lay down next to her then she went on top of me then started kissing my neck. Next she was licking my stomach round and round and moans filled the room especially when she was sucking and licking my dick I was so pleasures but when she stopped and whispered sexually "enter me. " I got up and rub my thumb in her clit ."Harry I'm gonna cum " she cried "cum for me baby "I said then she finally cummed then I entered her and collapsed on her side
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