Why? (15+)

Harry said he loved Alyssa but when Alyssa caught Harry cheating on her Would she love Niall or she would love Harry Again..


8. Niall?

I went down to see what's going on and when I was downstairs I went straight to the living room then I saw Niall and Harry, Niall was lying down on the floor and blood all over his face and Harry's fist was with blood "Harry!!! " then he looked up at me with a shocked face "I'm so sorry " " bring him to the hospital " I said while running upstairs I placed my dry pants on and grabbed my coat and my Iphone5 and went down to the car I sat beside Niall then I placed his head on my lap "Niall.." I said "Alyssa I love you. " he said "what the fuck!!!!" Harry said then he stopped the car then he went out of the car and just walked away "Niall I love you too." I replied. His eyes widened and sat down "really Aly???? " he asked I nodded smiling "I think we should get out of Harry's car and go home to clean your wounds." I sad he nodded. We walked awkwardly then he broke the awkwardness when he put our fingers in intertwined , we were actually holding hands . Am I in love with my best friend * A/N hey my loveliest readers thank you for reading my movella. I think I'm gonna write a new movella idk. Well thanks again.well don't forget to fan me favourite this like and comment me what you think thanks ~angelloveszayn
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