Why? (15+)

Harry said he loved Alyssa but when Alyssa caught Harry cheating on her Would she love Niall or she would love Harry Again..


9. Harry.....

Harry' P. O. V when i came back to my car Niall and Alyssa were gone, I spotted them holding hands ughhh " dammit!!! " i shouted. Why did i even do this to Alyssa my love... She gone ******************************************************************************************* Alyssa's P. O. V When we went home "Aly did you really mean what you said awhile ago? " Niall asked i moved towards him " I really Love you Niall" I said He nibbled my ear hungrily, kissing my neck... "Should we continue upstairs? " i asked Niall " "Why not" he answered we run upstairs i swear Niall is really horny he removed my shirt as i removed his, he removed my pants with my panties along he lied me on bed he kissed mu stomach until my vagina he sucked it i moaned then my orgasm hit me "Niall im going to cumm!!!!!!!!!!! " i shouted "i dont think so... " Niall said he removed his pants
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