Why? (15+)

Harry said he loved Alyssa but when Alyssa caught Harry cheating on her Would she love Niall or she would love Harry Again..


2. Flasback

Niall's P.O.V paparazi were surrounding us on asked "Niall are you dating Harry's girlfriend?" "Oh me and Niall aren't dating we are just bestfriends, we were bestfriends when we were younger"Alyssa answered the Guy nodded *at home* Harry's P.O.V Mary Jane was mad at me because she said that I said that Alyssa wouldn't catch us *flashback* "Mary Jane hi!!!!" I said "want to be one night stand "she asked she sounded like she was drunk and she is me to I am drunk so I nodded.. I lead her to my car and I drove to my flat I lead her to my room and she started kissing me in the lips I kiss her deeper then she removed her short strapless dress I can see her full clivage in her dress."can you unzip my dress?" She asked me ofcourse I nodded then I started kissing her neck then I unclip her bra the I throw it on the floor I carried her Heidelberg style the istarted to suck one nipple she moaned "condom" so I put some condom then I continued sucking her nipple then I kissed her neck then she mined beacause it was her sweet spot then I sucked it then I started licking her stomach then when I reach her under wear I asked if I can pull it down she nodded then I bite it then when it was in her knee I took a hold of it and of it then throw it on the ground then I started sucking her pussy then when I was down I lay down on the bed the she came on top of me and she started kissing my neck then she was licking my stomach and when she was on my v-line she was licking it and then she Was sucking my crouch then she whispered "enter me " then I got on top of her and I entered her she was shouting "faster" "harder" then when I got out of her I collapsed in her side then she got on top of me then shrewd licking my stomach then she was going lower when Alyssa came *flashback over *
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