Why? (15+)

Harry said he loved Alyssa but when Alyssa caught Harry cheating on her Would she love Niall or she would love Harry Again..


7. Are you the one?

When Harry went home he was smirking at me then I was there watching not looking at him then he came forward and kiss my neck (btw this is Alyssa's P.O.V.) But I pushed him away "C'mon Alyssa, babe " he said "don't you dare touch me!!! "I shouted at him "what did I do?" Harry asked I shake my head while laughing "don't pretend that you don't know Haz .." he sighed "I'm sorry Aly please I'm so sorry -" "keep it Harry this is the last straw I hate !!!!!! Why did I even loved you?!?!" I said while crying I run away to Niall's house. I just run even though its raining "Aly!!!" Harry shouted looking for me but luckily I was at Niall's house. I knocked fast then he opened the door "Aly its 12:00 in the night." He said he was only in boxers but I hugged him tightly then .."Aly I so sorry please -" Harry said before he continued I slapped him in the face " I said keep it why wouldn't you understand!!!" I shouted at him and went inside Niall's house "ill lend you first my shirt and ill just make hot chocolates." He said I nodded still sobbing when he came down he handded me a towel and his shirt and one of his boxers " Niall I know I left some pajamas here last..." I went up and look for it ....I had some clothes here because I left my PJ here in our last sleep over with the boys and Danielle, Perrie,and Eleanor. And I found it I went straight to the bathroom and undress my self when I stepped in the shower the hot water travelled my skin and it was nice then I grabbed the towel and wiped myself and wore my pajamas and went to the living room my pajamas was just short shorts and a long sleeves top (color purple all) then I saw the hot chocolate and a note on the coffee table written "hey Aly I can't wait for you anymore so here's your hot chocolate specially made by Nialler hehe so goodnight. Ni xxx" I drank the hot chocolate and went to the guest room to sleep * the next morning* I hear shouting downstairs .... a/n goodnight need 2sleep for tomorrow so I can continue the story so if you want me to continue just like favourite comment and fan me so thanks Angelxxxx
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