Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


20. Wedding Part 3

Liam's POV

I am really excited about today. In about 25 minutes I will be married to Echo. The boys looked me over and they said I lokoked really nice. This is what I had looked like:

With the same color pants. All of the guys where wearing this:


Everyone was in the room and ready to go. The Pasture and I went to the front and all of the boys went to where they are suppose to go. We did it just like we did yesterday. 

The maid of honor and the best man were walking who was Colette and Jake. They walked all the way down and then Harry and Hayley came down. They looked cute together. After them was Zayn and Perrie. Then Niall and Aly. They were so cute, I can't wait till they start to date they would be really cute together. Then it was Louis and Nicole, They are so cute together. Then the junior brides maid.....Kendra, Sasha, and Amber. After they came then the Flower girl and Ring Bear came down..... Cali and Austin. Then I saw someone who I loved the most. It was Echo. She was so pretty she was more then pretty. Gorgeous. Actual more then gorgeous beyond Gorgeous. She was so pretty. I loved what Nicole and Aly did to her. They did Awesome. She came next to me and we both smiled at each other.

*Skip everything till the end.*

"You are now announced as Husband and Wife." The pasture said.

 Echo and I turned towards each other and we kissed. Then everyone clapped. Then Echo and I walked back down the run way. I was so happy that I am now Married to Echo. She is the best thing that has happened to me. 

Nicole's POV

"Yo are announced Husband and Wife." The Pasture said. Then Echo and Liam kissed. I am so proud of them.

The walked away then the Colette and Jake went. Then Harry and Hayley, Zayn and Perrie, Niall and Aly............ Come on Niall you really need to ask her out you two are just to cute for each other and you need to go out. He better ask her out before next month is over or something is wrong with him! :/ Then Louis and I walked down the run way. We were both so happy for Liam and Echo. Then we heard the Pasture say where the party was and he Thanked everyone for coming. This was a pretty awesome day. Can't wait till this is my day! ;)

Aly's POV

We were all at the party having a good time. They then played a slow song for Liam and Echo. Everyone danced too but me. I just watched everyone and my eyes were mostly on Louis and Nicole. I really wish that I can fined a relationship like Louis and Nicole's. I loved it. I was just sitting there until Niall came up to me.


"Hey. Whats up?"

"Nothing. Just a little bit board. You?"

"Just watching people dance."

"Oh...." After a while of silence the song was over. Then they played a few more songs. Then another slow song.

"Aly, Who you like to dance with me?" Niall offered.

"Yes, Yes I would Love to." We both walked out on the dance floor and danced and danced together. Then Niall asked me something I have never imaged him to ask me. 

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