Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


5. The Fight

Nicole’s Pov

I went over to Aly’s place to see of she was okay from what happened to Harry. Once I got there Aly answered the door. She looked kinda happy and looked really nice.

“Hey Nikki.”

“Hey Aly, You going somewhere?”

“Oh, Niall asked me if I wanted to hang out today. So I said yes and he should be over in a little bit.”

“Oh, I see. So……” Aly and I were talking for a while when the doorbell rang. We both went to anwser the door the door, When we got there somebody was at the door, who I thought it was Niall but it wasent.

"Hey guys." Catlyn! What the heck was she doing here?

"What are you doing here?!" I asked getting mad cause of what she did.

"Came here to hang out."

"No Leave my house now." Aly said.

"Why? Should I?"

"Cause of what you did to poor Niall."

"What did I do... I did nothing to him.."

"Yes You DID!! You date him and then go and run off with another guy and cheat on him. I feel bad for Niall and hope that someone will hurt you and get pay back for what you did to Niall!!!" I said yelling in her face. I could tell Catlyn was mad so she punched me right in the face.

"F*** You. I would never do that to my beautiful and cute adorable Niall."

"Don't hit Her. Also You cant have Niall and more. You dont deverse someone who is all sweet, kind, and caring to you. why dont you leave right now or else." Aly said.

"Do you agree with her or Else what?"

"Yes, I agree with her and this!" Then all of a sudden Aly slapped Catlyn across the face really hard. I had my phone in my pocket and I went behind Aly and text for Louis to come to Aly's place and to bring the boys too!

"What are you doing Mrs. Know It All?"

"What you call me?"

"Mrs. Know It All."

"Shut up and Leave us alone." I was getting ready to grab Aly's arm and leave but Catlyn grabbed my hair and dragged me outside. She punched me in the face and then kicked me in the gut. I was bent over and she then she kneed me in the gut again. I fell to the ground.

"NICOLE!" Aly came out running. I was laying on the ground and then Catlyn grabbed me and threw me against the brick house. She keep throwing me back and forth. She did I one last time and that is when it hit me, I went,...... BLACK OUT!!!!

Aly's POV

I was standing at the door all mad at Catlyn and Nicole went and hide behind me. I was pretty sure she was texting Louis to come over and to maybe bring the boys. Then I saw Catlyn grab Nicole by the hair and drag her to the grass. She punched her and the kicked and kneed her in the stomach.

"NICOLE!!!" I yelled. I ran out there but Catlyn pushed me to the ground. She probally thinks that I am week. Well, I am not. She took Nicole and threw her up against the brick house about 4 to 5 times. Then seh fell to the ground. I had anoff. I ran and jumped on Catlyns back and was punching her on the back and on her head so she would leave Nicole Along. Then I jumped down and punched her in the face at least twice.

"Stupid Bitch." She said. She tryed to kick me but missed. I heard a car pull up and I didnt even look but CAtlyn did and when she did I kicked her in the back of her leg where her knee is and she fell to the ground and I punched her for about another 2 to 3 times. She was crying like a baby. I told you I am not week but I can fight when I need too. Somebody grbbaed me and pulled me away. I looked and it waz Niall. I hugged Niall and I just stayed there like that for a while.

"I never knew you could fight like that." Niall whispered in my ear. I giggled.

"Neither did I." We both laughed a litte.

"Guys we need to take Nicole to the hospital. Zayn said.

"Lets go." Liam said. Then we were going back to the hospital again. Great what fun this is.

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