Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


26. The Call

Louis's POV

Zayn and I were just hanging out just talking. Nicole was suppose to be back about an hour ago. Where is she. We are hungry. WE heard a car pull up and it was Nicole. She came in and brought us food. She went back to get something and came back with a puppy in her hand and a bag full of dog things. What is she doing with a puppy.

Nicole's POV

"Where did you get a puppy?" Louis asked me. Now here is the story time.

"Okay. So after work I was walking to my car and somebody had yelled Get out get out you stupid dumb animal and that she was worthless. Then they threw her out. So I went over to her and picked her up. It took a sec for her to come to me but she finally did then I went and bought her somethings and then got some food and now here I am."

"Oh.. I see now."

"Yah , I was hoping that you would not mined having a dog in the house?"

"No.... No Way I love dogs. Can I hold her." Louis said.

"Yah, here."

 I handed Louis the puppy and went and put the mat down and then her two dishes. I filled on with water and one with some dog food. Then I went and put the bed upstairs then relize I forgot to get a kennel for her until she is potty trained. Great. I went and grabbed a small basket and went back down stairs and Louis was hold the puppy and she was so cute. Zayn was petting her too. Then I went into the living room put the basket by the TV and put her toys and chew bones in there for her. I went back to the boys.

"So. What are we going to call her?" I asked."

"How about......Spirit?"

"Yah, I Love it."

"Spirit it is then."

I put Spirit's coller on. Tomorrow we are calling the vet to get an appointment for her. Zayn had gone back home and Louis and I were playing around with Spirit. She was so cute. Her puppy bark was adorable. I Love her. Louis and I were talking and playing with Spirit. Then my phone started to go off. I looked it was my aunt.... My mum's sister.




"I just wanted to tell you that the funeral is net saturday. I am so sorry."

"Thanks and okay. I will be there."

"Okay. See yah then and sorry for your lost."

 Once I got off of the phone. I told Louis everything. What a awesome day today :/

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