Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


42. Shopping Day With Erin

*Nicole's POV*

Louis, Zayn and I left Niall and Erin alone. We went to the pool room. Once we got in there I went to the side and dunked my feet in the water. I noticed that Zayn and Louis didnt come in. I turned around and they were outside of the door talking about something. I got up and went over to the radio. I turned it on and the song Demon by: Imagine Dragons was on. I went back to the side of the pool and sat there and listen to the music. Then I was thinking about everything that happened today. Everything just happened so fast it was unreal.

As I was thinking I felt four hands pick me up. I saw that is was Zayn and Louis. What are they doing.

"On 3."



"What are you doing?" I asked Louis.


Zayn and Louis let me go and dropped me into the pool. Once I got the the surface I saw Zayn and Louis laughing.

"Your both dead." I said.

They ran out of the room. I grabbed a towel and ran after them. I got to the living room and everyone was gone. I heard people in the kitchen. They were laughing about something. I ran into the kitchen.

"Louis, Zayn You......."

I said before I slipped .

"Nicole. Are you okay?" Louis said coming next to me.

"Yes, im fine." I said laughing.

"Be careful next time babe."

"I know."


"And what?"

"Why are you all wet?"

"I wonder why Tommo. You and Zayn will get pay back be prepared."

Louis laughed and helped me up. 

"Here Nicole." Echo said handing me a bag of food.

"Thanks Echo."

"No Problem."

We all sat down and ate lunch. Erin was sitting at the bar and playing on her phone. I put my food back into the bag. I ran upstairs and changed cloths quickly and put my hair into a bun. I grabbed my phone, keys, wallet, the bag full of food and I grabbed Erin's wrist and dragged her outside.

"Nicole what are you doing?"

"Taking you somewhere to eat."

"Nicole. Im fine."

"Erin no your not I saw you look at us. Now come on we are going to get you something to eat then we are going to go shopping."


Erin and I got into my car and drove to McDonalds. She got something to eat and I finished eating my meal while she ate too.

"So is anyone mad at you?"

"Aly and Liam are."


"Well, Liam isent he is just defending her."

"Ah I see yah Liam and Aly are like brother and sister."

"Yah, I know so I understand. Harry was shocked, Echo was too and Niall was crying."

"Aww Poor Ni."

"Yah, I know right."


*One Hour Later*

"So where to first?" I asked Erin.

"How about um..... Forever 21."


We walked into Forever 21 and looked around. Erin found a really cute shirt that faded from green to yellow. Her favorite color was Green so it worked out. I found a american mtv flag shirt. We both got those shirts and went to Delilah. We both got a dress there.


And Erin's:

After that we went to starbucks. I got a apple carmel spice and a cheesecake brownie. Erin got Ice tea and a classic coffee cake. 

We both left the mall eating and drink out things. Once we got into the car Louis called me. I answered and put it on speaker for Erin and I to hear.

(L-Louis, and N-Nicole)

N-Hey babe.

L- Hey baby I was just wondering when you were coming home?

N- we are right now. why?

L- Cause there is a tornado warning in our area and I just wanted to make sure you are here and safe.

"Aww thats so cute." Erin said.

N- Awww Louie. Ill be home very soon so we can be protected together.

L- Okay Baby that sounds good.

Erin- Hey Louis is Zayn there?

L- Yah hang on....... Okay you are on speaker now.

Erin- Zayn are you going home today?

Zayn- I wont be home for a few days baby.

Erin- oh

Zayn- Im staying at Louis and Nicoles for a little bit to help them with things.

L- Erin do you want to saty here too?

Erin- I dont want to over stay my visit.

N- You wont dont worry.

Erin- Okay.

N- Well be home in 10 minutes.

L- Okay baby. Love you.

N- Love you too bye.

L- Bye.

Once we got home and got inside it started to poor down rain. and hail. this is going to be a bad storm...... 

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