Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


43. Shopping Day Again

*Nicole's POV (3 Days Later)*

3 days ago Erin and I went shopping and now Aly and I are going shopping. Oh well, I love shopping. 

I got out of bed and put on the outfit I got with Erin. (Btw if you forgot the chapter before this I put on that one)

I brushed my teeth, my hair, and ect. I walked out of the bathroom and Louis was there.

"Morning Babe."


"Why you all dressed up?"

"Going shopping with Aly today."



"Your going to leave me all alone?"

"You want to come with us?"

"Can I really?"

"Yah, come on you can tag along."

"Oh my god. Thank you baby. I didnt want to bored here."

"Its no problem and I wouldnt leave you all alone."

Louis gave me a quick kiss then went to get dresses. I grabbed my phone, wallet, and keys. I turned around and Louis had his red skinny jeans and his striped shirt.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Ready." He said.

We walked downstairs and Spirit was sleeping on the couch. She has gotten a little bit bigger, but she is still growing.

Her right now a little bit bigger:


We trust her now to got get into anything and to be a good girl so we leave her out. Louis and I walked out the door and he drove this time. 

Once we got to the mall I saw Aly and Niall.

"Hey Aly." I said.

"Hey and sorry Niall didnt want to be left alone."

"Same with Louis."

"Oh okay. This will be fun."


We walked into the mall and walked around. Aly went into a few stores and I did too. Louis and Niall went into about like 2 and thats it.

*Lunch time*

We all sat in the food court. Niall and I went and got some food leaving Aly and Louis.

*Aly's POV*

Nicole and Niall left to go and get everyone food. I was on my phone cause Louis and I havent really talked and I think he hates me I dont know.

"So....." He said.

I looked up from my phone and saw Louis looking at me.

"So um....."

"What do you think about Erin coming back?"

"I hate it. I hate her so much."

"Aly you know she was not cheating on Niall. Zayn wanted to talk to her so when they were talking Zayn kissed her. She never kissed back. Then Niall broke up with her. She had a miscarriage. Then she stayed at LaLecia and gave her money to kill you but she was not going to. So then after you left her death was faked. Then she had feelings for Zayn and yah."

"That is kinda what she told us."

"I know, but she is telling the truth cause once we got you out I did see Zayn in his car and Zayn even told me that he didnt mean for Erin and Niall to break up but they did."

"Oh..... Let me think about it okay?"


"Thanks Louis."


After that Nicole and Niall came back with food. 

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