Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


33. See you again.....

*Hayley's POV*

Omg. I havent seen my best friend in so long. I miss the old days when we could hang out together. See when I got formed into a band and stuff it took me away from my friends and I never got to spend a lot of times together anymore. So I am so happy that I will get to hang out with them again.

I finished packing my things up and drove over to Nicole's place. 

*After Ride*

When I pulled up to house I was there dog Lacy outside playing in the leaves. Then I saw Louis come out and grabbed Lacy.

"Louis." I yelled and waved my hand.

"Hayley. Hey, you need help?" He offered.

I shook my head as a no and started to grab somethings. I tried to get everything at once since it is October and almost Halloween. 

I guess Louis saw me struggle cause he called out Nicole's name to come and get the puppy. I heard a door close and saw Nicole grab the puppy. Louis came over to me and helped me grab somethings out of the car. Since I was staying two week you never know when you will need things.

We walked into the house and put things in the guest bed room. Louis and I said Hi to each other and walked to the living room to where Nicole was with Lacy on her lap sleeping. I walked over to Nicole and she picked up Lacy and moved her over and got up and hugged me.

"Hey Hayley."

"Hey Nicole. God I miss being with you."

"Same here Hayley."

"So....." Nicole said sitting down along with Louis next to her picking up Lacy and putting her on his lap.

"So how are things?" She asked.

"Oh good. We have our first album done. It should be out soon. N in about three weeks we are going on tour again."

"Oh I see....."

"Yep, So how about you guys?"

"Fine, Had to go to the Us again for a funeral and just hanging out with the boys."

"Thats cool what about you Louis?"

"About the same thing."

"Oh that is cool."

Then we heard someone at the door so I got up and went and got it. I did not know who else could be here. I opened up the door and saw someone I never thought I see again.


"Harry? Omg. I never thought I see you again or you remember me."

"Hayley, how could I not remember a Pretty and beautiful girl like you."

"Aww Thanks Hazza."

I shut the door and we both walked to the living room. I sat down and Harry sat down next to me. We talked and talked for a while.

*2 hours later*

So during this time we talked and catch each other up on thing. Also Liam came over. I was really upset and mad. I know you are suppose to be happy that you get to see your brother again but I was not cause we never got along at all. First of all I was punk rock and second of all He is pop and he hates me for being a punk rock person and in a band like that and not pop. I just don;t understand him. He use to be the best brother ever until now.

"Hey Liam?" Nicole asked.


"Can we have a talk please." She said pointing to her and Louis.

"Um..... Sure."

All three of them walked into the kitchen to talk while Harry and I talked like we use to. God how I missed these days.



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