Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


9. Planning and NO!!!!!!

Echo's POV

Today Nicole and I are going to be trying on dresses for our weddings. Liam and mine wedding is going to be very soon Nicole and Louis are going to wait for a bit but not to to long. Aly came with us just to watch well that is what she thinks. WE finally got there and they were ready for us.

"Hi, are you Echo, Nicole, and Aly." The ladie said.

"Yes, we are." I said.

"All three of you come with me."  We were following her when Aly said.

"What I thought I was just watching?"

"Nope you are going to try them on so you are all ready."

"Thanks Echo."


After that we were ready to go. We all tryed on dresses and these are the ones we picked out:

Aly: had on a white dress that I went down to the floor. It was way pretty. Nicole had picked out one that was blue and a purple mixed. Way cool. Then I picked out a puprle and pink mixed one it was cool too. After that we went to the mall to just hang out and waste some time. We went to this one store I dont remember what it was called. When we got in there the ladie came up to us and asked us what we are looking for Aly said some jean shorts. Teh ladie left and so did I.

Nicole's POV

I stayed with Aly and the ladie had brought back a few belts.

"Um.. I said shorts." Aly said.

"Ohh sorry" She left and got her some shoes. She put Aly in the dressing room.

"How about you miss?"

"I am looking for some cute shirts."

"Okay." She left and she came back with ugly dresses and threw me into a dressing room.

"Is there anything that I could get for guys?"

"Yes, Shirts." I said.

"Shorts." Aly said. She took our things and then came back.

"I asked for Shorts not shirts." ALy said.

"I asked for shirts not shorts." God these people must be mental or something!

Aly's POV

God these people are making me mad. Echo was laughing and Nicole was too but then again she was not happy. We both go out of the dressing room and we went to get what we wanted and the ladie would be like oh that is ugly on you or you dont desevere something like that. God she mad me so mad. Then we left and she said,

"Come back again!"

"Yah, like I will come back again!!!" I wispered to my self but I think Nicole heard cause she started to laugh. We were going home and we just had dropped off Echo. Now I am dropping off Nicole. Louis came out of the house and hugged Nicole forever. I don't know what was going on?

"Louis what is wrong babe?" Nicole said.

"It is Harry. He died!"

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