Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


22. Not Again

Aly's POV

We were at the wedding just dancing. Then Niall and I sat down and talked for like ever. Then somebody came in and we knew who it was it was LaLecia.

"Hey Aly!" She said coming over to Niall and I.

"Hey. What are you doing here?"

"Nothing." She walked away and then Niall and I started to talk again. Then we heard something. We walked over to where we heard something. Then.....

"LALECIA!!!" I yelled. She turned around and then I stopped. What just happened? I fell over and somebody caught me. Then I blacked out.

Niall's POV

Aly and I were running over to where we heard something to make sure everything was okay then Aly yelled LaLecia. she turned around and I saw a gun. Before I could yell Aly watch out LaLecia shot and she hit Aly right in the stomach. Aly fell over and I caught her. Then LaLecia had a worried look on her face and she ran away.

"Louis, Nicole, somebody come help." Zayn and Harry came over to me and Harry called 911. I picked up Aly and ran outside. Nicole and Louis were walking back to the place laughing and holding hands. Nicole look forward and saw me. She let go of Louis's hand and ran. She saw I was trying to get into the car. She opened the door.

"Aly. What happened?"

"I will tell you on the way get in!"

"Louis hurry." Louis ran and got into the car up front with me. Nicole was in the back. She was crying.

"Please don't leave us Aly Please don't. Nothing won't be the same with out you." Nicole cried out.

"Nicole calm down everything is going to be okay." Louis said in a clam voice trying to get her to calm down.

"Why Louis Why. Why does it have to be her. Why couldn't it be me. She is still young she needs to live long. She desverse to live longer then I do. This is all my fault I should have not left her alone."

"Nicole. It is not your fault there is crazy people out here in this world."

We finally go to the hospital. I got out really quickly and picked up Aly Bride Style and ran into the hospital.

"I need help. My Girlfriend has been shot. Someone please help." I saw some people just starring at me like I was crazy but really I am not I am just trying to save my girlfriend. A doctor and three nurses came over to me and they took Aly away. Nicole and Louis came in. 

"Where is she?" Nicole asked.

"They took her. I really hope She will be okay." Niall started to cry and he cried into Louis's Shoulder. I went and called Perrie.

*Call (P-Perrie N-Nicole)*


N-Perrie Thank god you awnsered. 

P-Nicole what is going on. Where are you?

N- I am at the hospital. Aly got hurt.

P- Did she get shot?

N- Yes!

P- OMG!!! We are coming!

N- Don't let Liam and Echo know. I don't want them to worry. This is there big day. No one come we will come back and tell you how she is doing okay?

P- Okay I wont!

N-Thanks Perrie. I will call you back when we get the news just tell everyone Niall, Louis, Aly, and I went to go do something we will be back soon maybe!

P- Okay I will do that.

N-Thanks Perrie.







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