Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


3. Niall?!?!

Niall's POV

Catlyn, Why. How could you. What were you thinking. All sorts of  questions were going through my head. After I calmed down Liam and I went back into the hosptial. When I got in there the nurse came in and asked for me. I wonder why. She walked me all the way down to a room number 19. I heard crying. I walked in and saw Aly crying. I went over to her and hugged her and brushed my hand through her hair. After she calm down I had asked her what was wrong.

"I might not ever see Harry again!" She said.

"Don't say that. You will be able to see him again. Don't worrie Love."

*1 hour later.*

Aly and I have been in here for an hour. The nurse came in and asked for us to leave so she could do something that I don't know cause she never said. Aly and I went back to the waiting room.

"How is he?" Echo said.

"Fine." Aly said. I knew she was lying. I knew she just wanted to make everyone feel better.

Nicole's POV

We were all waiting in the waiting room.



"What happened to Niall. He looked sad."

"Oh, That."

"That what?"

"See Remember how I went to get fresh air and my phone.?"

"Yah y?"

"Well, while I was out there I saw Catlyn and this other guy making out. See." He showed me pics of them making out smiling at each other.

"Everything okay baby?" Louis asked me.

"Look Loui." I showed Louis the pictures and he was just so shocked. I handed Liam back his phone. Then the whole room went quiet.

*Hour Later*

Goss I really want to go home and sleep but I also want to know how Harry is doing. It was 130am. I rested my head on Louis's shoulder. He must have looked down at me cause he asked me.

"You okay Love?"

"Yh, Just tired."

"Come on lets go home then."

"I want to know how Harry is."

"Dont worrie we will tomorrow."

"Hey, Liam?" Louis said.

"Yah, Louis." Liam said.

"I am taking Nicole home but we will be back tomorrow."

"Okay. Bye Louis."

"See Yah guys."

I stood up and was walking then Louis came up from behind me and picked me up bridal style. I laughed and then we got into the car. we finally got home and I went straight to bed after brusing my teeth, hair, and putting on PJs. I got into bed and Louis came into the room and got into bed next to me. I turned around so we were face to face. He looked at me and kissed me and then I cuddled and feel asleep on Louis's chest.


Hey guys I am going to type another chapter right now hope you guys like!! ;)

Kylie ;)


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