Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


16. Nandos

Niall's POV

I really  went to bed crying my eyes out last night! I can't believe somebody would do that. Well, It is 11:30am. I have a little while befoer I have to go meet who ever took my love. I was getting dressed and Louis called me . I put him on speaker so I can get changed.

"Hey Louis whats up?"

"Hey tonight when you go to Nandos Nicole and I are going to spy on you so we can see what is going on! Also to see who took your future girlfriend."

"You really think she will be my girlfriend?" I said getting all happy.


"Thanks Louis! But right now I need to worry about getting her back!"

"Yah, sorry. Okay. So when they take you we will have this devise on your phone so we can track you down. Then once they take you we will follow behind and we will get you out. Don't worry."

"Awesome Idea Louis!!! I love it. Now I can be with her forever!"

"Niall you are off track. Lets focus on getting her first then you can worry about dating her and everything."

"Okay! Sorry. Yah that plan will work. Hey Louis......."


"I am going to go to Nandos like an hour and a half early so I can eat."

"Ohh Niall you and your food!""

"What I cant help it."

"Yah, Niall can eat and eat and he is still skinny!" Nicole said in the background!

"Okay, we will get ready when you go."


*6 hours later*

I went all the ways to Nandos and ordered some food. I ate it and it was really good! SO Love Nandos. Louis and Nicole texted em saying ready. And hour later I was waiting by Nandos and this van pulls up. A girl comes out who looks familiar.

"You Naill."

"Yes, Are you LaLecia?"

"Yah. Now lets go or Aly dies."

"Okay lets go." I got in and we were on our way. We finally got to the house and they had already tied my hands up. They threw me into a room.

"Niall?" I turned around.

"Aly!" I said. I went over to her and sat next to her and talked to her. It was finally Night time she was afraid to go to sleep. SO I told her I would watch all night and make sure nothing happens. She was sleeping and she was very cute and adorable. I cant wait to call her mine. Then the next thing I know the window opens up. They are a patently stupid for not locking the windows and also to have no cameras in here to watch us. Nicole came through the window and untied me. I went over to Aly and untied her she was about to scream but Nicole put hand on her mouth so she could not scream. She finally noticed that it was me and calmed down. We walked over to the window and Aly climbed down the window. Apparently there was a ladder. I climbed down and then Nicole was getting ready to but then someone grabbed her by her week spto which was her neck. She started to choke. She used her elbow and punched them in the gut. Then she quickly came down and I swear I have never seen her move so fast. Then we all took off running and we finally made it to the Nandos place and went in there and hide.

Nicole called 911. They came here in no time. They were here and Catlyn was fighting them. Then she pulled out a knife from her shoe and was going to kill them but they pulled out there guns and killed her. then they took LaLecia and her boyfriend to jail. We were finally save now. Thank god. This was a good plan. Now I am so happy I have my lover back. I missed her so much! Now I have her again! <3

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