Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


2. Knowing The Truth

Aly’s POV

I was laying on Niall and I don’t know why but Catlyn just goes off on me. Oh My God. I am getting Married to Harry Styles and Niall is just comforting me to make me fell better. Niall and I are just good friends. It is not like I am dating him and Marring Harry. Goes she has anger issues. We were sitting there and the nurse came in.

“Anybody here for Mr. Styles?”

“We are.” Nicole said.

“Okay. Well, I have some news for you. He has to have tubs so he can breath cause he can’t by himself right now. He has a broken foot/ankle. He also has a concussion. He must have hit his head really hard.”

“No, not Harry.” I said while crying in Niall’s arms.

“Oh, Also he is in a coma if you didn’t know.”

“How long will he be in it?” Nicole said. I could tell it was Nicole cause I don’t know. I could just tell it was her.

“I am not sure. It could be Days, weeks, months, Even years. We don’t even know. We will just have to see what will happen.”

“Thank you Nurse. Can anyone go and see him?”

“Yes, but only one at a time. Who wants to go first?” We all looked at each other till Nicole spoke up.

“Aly, should go first. It is her Fiancé. She deserves to go first.”

“Thanks Nicole.”

“Yep.” She said smiling at me. The nurse showed me down to Harry’s room which was room 19. When I got there I had asked the Nurse if she could let at least someone come in here with me so I am not alone and I have someone with me. To have a shoulder to cry on. She said yes and who is the name. I had said Niall. She said okay and went to go and get him. I walked into the room and saw Harry laying there with a cast, tubes in his throat. He was just laying there sleeping. I wanted to cry. Seeing Harry like this was just not right. I can’t stand seeing him like this. Poor Harry. I walked over to him grabbed a chair and sat down next to him. I grabbed his hand and was starting to talk to him. I remembered the nurse telling me before I got to the room that maybe talking to him might help. So I did that. I started to talk to him.

Niall’s POV

I was holding Aly in my arms and then Nicole said that she should go and see him first since they are getting Married. I let Aly go and I could tell that she really was scared to see what would happen. I went and sat back down and so did everyone else. Then my phone went off twice. The first one was from paul.

~To Niall: From Paul~

Hey Niall do you think you and the boys could come tomorrow and we could start working on your guys next album. The Take Me Home album. Is that okay.. Please get back with me ASAP. Thanks Niall.


Oh great they don’t know what has happened.

~To Paul: From Niall

Hey Paul I don’t think we will make it tomorrow. Well, see Harry was coming home from the store and he was in a car wreak. A Drunk drive who was in Semi had crashed into Harry Head on. He is in the hosptial right now. The doctor says that he has a concession. He has a broken foot/ankle. He also has tubes down his throat cause he cant breath on his own. Sorry about that.


Then I went and read the next message. It was from Liam.

~To Niall: From Liam~

Hey can I talk to you?

~To Liam: From Niall~

Yah sure.

After I sent that I looked at Liam who looked up too and we both got up and went out of the room and outside.

Liam and I were walking around when I said.

“So Whats up?”

“Oh, Yah. Well, remember how Catlyn yelled at Aly cause she was laying down on your chest?”


“Well, I got up and went to go and get some air from outside. I had saw two making out by a car. I went to get my phone out of the car and when I was close by I saw that is was Catlyn and her boyfriend.”

“What? I don’t believe you.”

“I knew you would say that here look.” Liam showed me a few pictures of them. She was looking at him and smiling. She was kissing him. There was also a picture of them making out. I started to cry. I have never been cheated on. I cant believe she did this. I cant believe this is real. I cant believe this is happening to me right now.

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