Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!



*Aly's POV*

"Im really Catlyn." Erin said or should I even call her that.

I am not going to believe her crap. I know she is just trying to get to us and hurt me or even Nicole this time. I am not falling for her crap anymore. I am done with her. I cant believe Zayn. I love him like my own brother but im not going to be mad at him I mean come on it is not his fault he was in love and I guess you would do anything for the person you love.

I would never be mad at Zayn but I am mad at 'Catlyn' god I hate her. She tried to kill me, she kidnapped me. Like she was trying to fake it what ever. I dont believe that LaLecia had that much money and gave it to her. I am going to speak with Nicole later when we have our shopping day on Saturday. That is only 4 days away good.

*Erin's POV*

Aly is really mad at me I can tell. I hope she believes me cause im telling the truth about everything. I really did not kidnap her or try to hurt her. I just needed money so I was going to fake her death.

Liam does not seam mad but he is defending her. I mean come on Liam and Aly are like brother and sister to each other. So I understand that about Liam. Cause he will protect her the best he can just like Niall does.

Niall is like really upset. I want to talk to him but I dont want Aly to yell at me to stay away. I glanced over at him and saw two tear drops fall down his cheek. No Niall dont cry I am going to cry. I am so sorry. Maybe I should of died or never come back. but I would miss Zayn, Niall, and Nicole to much. But yet again I should of died.

"Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Erin can I have a word with you all in the game room please?" Nicole asked.

"Sure babe." Louis said.

All four of us followed Nicole down to the game room. She opened the door and we went in. She shut and locked the door.

"So whats up Nicole?" Zayn asked sitting down next to me with his arm around me.

I cuddle up to his side and listened.

"Okay so now that everyone knows and stuff. I want to know whats up with Niall?"

"Can I talk to Catlyn alone in another room please?" Niall asked.

"Sure. Come on Zayn and Louis. Lets go to the Pool Room."

They left and shut the door leaving me and Niall to talk.


"Catlyn, im going to be honest Im not mad at you im just upset. I know that we broke up but you could of at least told me about the baby. I didnt know I got you pregnant."

"I know Niall but once we broke up I couldnt handle talking to you for a while but then I lost it."

"Im sorry Catlyn this is all my fault."

"No its not. It is mine I should of told you."

"Yh, but why did you kidnap Aly?"

"I didnt that was all LaLecia. She just gave me a thousand dollars to help kill her but I was going to fake her death."


"Look here is the money."

I pulled out the money from my purse. I even counted it out to prove to him.

"Oh okay now I believe you."

"Thank Niall." 

*Aly's POV*

Echo went to go get something to eat for everyone and Harry had to run to the bathroom leaving me and Liam alone.

"You okay?" Liam asked me.



"Cause she is back. All she is going to do is get to us and hurt me again or even hurt Nicole and that wont be pretty."


"Yah. I just hate her and cant trust her. I know Zayn loves her and all but im scared for him too."

"Yh, Ill have to talk to Zayn about it."

"Same here but with Nicole."

Echo, Harry, Niall and Erin eww all came back. I have no clue where Nicole, Louis and Zayn are weird.

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