Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


31. Home Again!

*Aly's POV*

*4 Weeks Later*

Today is the day that Louis, Nicole, Niall and I are going back to the Uk. Can't wait to see everyone. It has been a while since we have been in the Uk. Let me go and pack quick! See Yah. go and talk to Nicole and Louis. ;)


*Nicole's POV*

Louis and I had gotten everything packed for today and Louis and I took everything down to the car then checked out and after we checked out Niall and Aly came down and checked out. 

They met us out by the car once they were done with everything. We got into the car and drove to the air port.

"Niall when does out flight leave?" I asked him.

"It Leaves at 12." He said. 

"Oh Okay." Which right now it is 1100.

So we have plenty of time

"Come on!" I heard Niall say in the back.

"What?" Aly asked him.

"We wont get lunch!"

Everyone started laughing.

"You can get the plane food Baby." Aly said.

"No. Dont eat the plane food." I told them.

"Why?" Niall asked.

"Cause it is gross and you might get sick from it. So I would not eat it."

"But, Im going to be hungry!" Niall whined.

"Okay Than get sick."

"Fine I wont."

After that we got to the air port and it was only 1115. We went in got our ticket and waited for them to call for our flight.

While we sat there some fans must have noticed Niall and Louis cause they came up asked for a picture with them and a signature then more came and more. So security came and took us to a private place till the plane gets there.

*30 minutes later*

It is now finally 1145. We snuck out a different way and onto the plane in the back so no one saw us and so we can get off the plane last. We sat there for a few more seconds then we took off. It was me and Louis then across from us was Niall and Aly.  I talked to Louis for a while. I mean a LONG! Time. I looked over at Aly and Niall and  Niall was eatting the plane food. Oh god

From Nicole: To Aly:

I texted Aly saying that if her boyfriend gets sick it is his fault I warned him. I sent it and looked at her and she texted back:

From Aly: To Nicole:

Okay. Whatever My Boyfriend not yours look at your own!!!!

I laughed and smiled at what she said.

From Nicole: To Aly:

Okay ;)

I said and looked away. I was still tired so I laid my head back and closed my eyes. Then I felt the arm rest on my right go up and I knew it was Louis and he pulled me close and I cuddled on his side and feel asleep.

*5Hours Later*

"Nicole wake up." I heard someone say. I opened my yes and saw Louis there.

"Yah whats up?" I said sitting up while rubbing my eyes.

"Where in London."

"Oh okay."

"What Time is it?"

"5 pm."

"How long was I asleep?"

"6 hours the most."

"Oh god. Now I wont be able to sleep tonight." 

"Yah, you will."

"Haha no I wont." 

Louis just smiled at me and then I looked at Aly and Niall and Niall looked really bad and he was laying on Aly. Aly looked at me and I gave her a what is going on a thing. She mouth: Tell You Later. I shook my head in a sign for okay. 

*Plane Lands*

We all got off of the plane and were greeted by our friends. I ran up to Harry and gave him a hug. Harry and I have been real close friends. Harry is like a brother to me. Then we all gave everyone a hug. Echo pulled me and Aly off to the side where no one could hear us.

"Echo what is wrong with you?" Aly said pulling her arm back.

"This is hard to tell you guys but..."

"What? Echo what is wrong?" I asked.

"Im prego."

"What!" Aly said.

"I am afraid to tell Liam casue I dont know how he will react to it."

Aly, Echo and I stood there just starring at each other but then Harry came over to us and said that everyone wanted to go home. I had to agree I really wanted to be home. When we were walking I whispered to Echo  that I could talk to Liam for her about it. She looked at me and smiled and lipped Thanks.

Harry drove Louis and I home since he was the one to take us to the air port. We thanked him and offered him to stay he told us that not this time but another time will work. We said okay and he left. Louis unlocked the door and we went in. I went straight upstairs and went right to bed. Thought I was not tired but I was not hungry too. So I went to bed not wanting to get up till the next day.

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