Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


17. Harry is Home!

Nicole's POV

Our plan worked. Thank god. We have Aly back. Now everything is back to normal. Everyone was really happy now.

*3 weeks later*

Hey guys well..... today Harry gets to come out of the hospital. Louis and I were up pretty early. So we decided to go and see Harry. I drove to the hospital with Louis and once we got there we had gone inside and we saw them helping Harry, teaching him to walk with crutches. Aww.... Poor Harry. We walked up to the doctor and he said that in about 10 minutes he is able to go. 

Louis and I waited for about 10 minutes then Harry came into the room and the doctor said we need to sign some papers to let him go. Louis went to do that while Harry and I just talked.

"How are you feeling?"

"Good, better now that I am with you guys."

"Aw... It is better now that you are here with us too."

"Yah, I just can't wait to get home." Then I remembered that Harry's home was with Aly but now since she and him aren't dating or getting married now then I guess Harry could come with us. We will just let him borrow some of Louis's cloths until we get his.

Louis came back and we were ready to go. We were walking out and Louis made sure Harry was going to be okay. We got all the way to my car and Harry hopped in the back and Louis helped him and was going to ride in the back with him. I hopped up front and drove back to our place. Louis and Harry got out while I went to the store then over to Echo's place since she is getting married in about a week or two. Can't wait I am so excited for them!

Louis's POV

I am so happy right now Harry is home and everything is going to be better. I am now happy and now I have my best Friend back.

"So.... You happy you are home?"

"Yah, I hated that hospital so much. There food was really gross. But thanks to Zayn and Liam they brought me some food so I would not have to eat there really gross food."

"That is good. Well, now you don't have to any more."

"Thank god."

"So... what do you want to do? Nicole is not coming back till around 630."

"How about what happened that one night when you and Niall were worry and Nicole was crying. I never heard about what happened."

"Oh, Sorry about that Harry. Well, see about three weeks ago Nicole haf gotten this phone call and she fainted and hit her head on the corner of a nightstand. So we had to go to the hospital to get her some stitches. Then that same night you woke up. Then we joked around and remembered when Nicole and Aly left the room?"

"Yah. What happened?"

"Well, They ran away cause Aly was upset and didn't want to be there any more and Nicole ran away so she calm down from her family and get away from people so she is alone and can calm down more. They were walking and Nicole told us that two vans were following behind them. So she told Aly to run. She did and Nicole went the opposite way. Then Nicole hide and she said she heard someone scream her name. Then she called Aly and on the fifth ring she picked up but it was the kidnapper. They told her that Niall better come to Nandos at 630 pm or she will die, also same thing happens if they dont show up or if they call the cops. The next day Niall went to Nandos but with out getting food. Then they took him and we had followed them. Niall, Nicole and I had a plan. Once they got there. Nicole and I found a ladder and Nicole climbed it and they must have been dumb cause they left the window unlocked. So Nicole got in and got Niall and Aly out. Then before Nicole could come the had grabbed her on her week spot which is her neck and she was chocking so she took her elbow and hit them and she got out of there in no time. Then we ran and the closest place was Nandos so we ran there and Nicole called the cops. They came and one of the girls Catlyn fought them and was going to kill them but they killed her and they took the other two people away. So that is all you have really missed and that. Also Liam and Echo are getting Married this week or next week."

"Wow. That is a lot and thank god they are safe now."

"Yah. "

"So....... Want to watch a movie till Nicole gets back. She is bringing us Taco Bell."

"Sweet and sure."

Harry and I watched just any kind of movies like anything really. Time must have pasted by cause Cause Nicole finally came home and she had brought us Taco Bell. We ate our Taco Bell and then Nicole told us some great news.

"Okay guys well, Liam and Echo are getting married this week. They want You guys to be there best man and me a Bridesmaid."


"Yah, CAn't wait."

"Same here." They said. Can't wait for this day!

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