Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


27. Exciting News

*Nicole's POV*

~1 week Later~

Today is our last day in London England. Tomorrow morning we are leaving to go to the U.S. I was packing something since I am going to be staying there for about a month. I was packing my things and the doorbell rang. I heard Louis answer the door and I really didn't care who was here cause I just need to pack right now. Since we are leaving tomorrow morning. Someone came up stairs and I turned around and Louis was standing there

"Aly is here."

"Okay. Why is she here?"

"She is going to be taking Spirit to the vet today."

"Oh, Okay."

After that Aly came up.

"Hey Nicole."

"Hey. Spirit is over there sleeping."

"Okay. What time does she have to go?"

"She has to go at 130pm."

"Wow. I am way early what time is it now?"

"It is 1130."

"Oh okay. Well, I am going to go and I will come back at 1230 to get her."

"Okay. See yah Aly."

"Bye Guys." Then she left. Louis came in and started to help me pack my things. 

"Don't you need to pack your things?"

"I already did last night when you were sleeping."

"I see. Thanks for helping."

"Yep." Louis and I were packing and then after that we went downstairs and watched some movies and got some Frozen pizza and made some. We were just waiting for Aly to come and pick up Spirit.

*Aly's POV*

I went back to my place and ate lunch real quick. I went upstairs and got on my computer. I went on to Twitter and saw a lot of hate against Nicole and I. For Echo everyone loved her I just don't know why. What they said about Nicole was mean but what they are saying about me is worst. People these days.! I was working on some trailers for my friends when Niall texted me.

'Hey What are you doing?'

'Hey Nothing just working on trailers. Want to come over?'

'Sure. I would Love to.'

'Okay. See yah soon.'

'Okay see yah.'

Then I started to work back on them. It was now 1200pm. I had gotten at least two trailers up for people. Right as I got that put up took some pictures and posted them on Instagram. Niall knocked on the door. I went downstairs and opened it.

"Hey Baby."

"Hey, you know you can come right in."

"Okay, I will do that now." I smiled. I shut the door and went back up to my room. Niall and I were watching some funny things. Then something happened on the TV and Niall said.


I started to laugh and laugh. Niall looked at me with a weird face. Like this:

and like this too:

It was so funny then he started to laugh with me. It was way good. I looked at the time and it was 1212pm. 

"Hey Niall I have to go."


"To go and take Nicole n Louis's Puppy to the vet so they can pack since I am done packing."

"Oh okay. You know I am coming too?"

"You are? REALLY!!!" I said getting excited an happy."

"Yah, Oh my god. I am so happy now!"

"That is good and I have already packed."

"Come on lets go and get Spirit."

"Okay." We walked out of the house Hand-in-Hand. We got to my car and I drove to Nicole's house. Niall went and got Spirit and put her on his lap. Then we drove off to the vet.

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