Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


37. Erin

*Nicole's POV*

*Next Day*

The next day I woke up and left the hospital. I really hate hospitals now.

"So Aly, how have you been?"  I asked her.

"Pretty good.  Javonna is 5 months pregnant.  Hayley went on tour, thank god.  Sorry, Nicole, I just don't like her."

"It's cool.  What about Zayn?"

"He has found someone he likes."


"Her name is Erin and she is so sweet.  Zayn found the right girl."

"That's great.  I can't wait to meet her."

"You will love her and she came with Zayn and she saw you.  She has heard about you and can't wait to meet you!"  

"When can I meet her?"  I asked.

"She is going over and going to help you get ready for your date.

"She is so awesome and so are you Aly."

"Aww thanks " She said smiling.

I smiled back and saw Louis and Harry coming our way.

"Hey you go Babe." Louis said.

He gave me a Carmel Apple Spice. I was more thirsty then I was hungry.

"Thanks You." I said smiling.

Louis pecked me on the lips and then sat down. Harry sat by Aly and we just were having a great time together like we use too. 

*Later That Day*

Aly and I are at Louis and my house waiting for Erin to come and help out. I picked out my outfit for tonight. Louis said that he wanted me to dress nice. So we picked out this outfit:

I cant wait to get into the dress. Louis had bought it for me for my birthday and I just love it so much.

I ran into the bathroom. I put my ipod on the deck and played: She Looks So Perfect By: 5 Seconds Of Summer. I love this band. I jumped into the shower and took a long shower.

After my shower the song: Diana was on and I was singing it. I brushed my hair and blow dried it. I grabbed my robe and put it on.

After I put on my robe I walked in to my room and saw Aly and someone else who I guess is Erin.

"Hi, Im Nicole. You must be Erin nice to met you."

"Hi and nice to met you too. Its finally nice to met you."

I shook her hand and smiled.

"So who is doing my hair."

"I am." Erin said.


I went over and sat down in a chair and she did a water fall braid.

"Omg Erin. I love it."

I said hugging her. Her hugs always reminded me of an old friend of my Catlyn. Even her Hazel eyes did too cause that was the thing about Catlyn if you saw her eyes you would know it was her. That was her best feature.

After She did my hair and Aly did my make-up I put on my dress and shoes. I am so in love with this outfit.

The door bell rang and all of us went downstairs. I opened the door and Louis was there looking great as ever.

"Ready to go babe."

"Yes baby. Bye girls."

"Bye nicole." They both said closing the door behind me.

I cant wait for this night. I hope it never ends. 

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