Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


36. Coma

*Nicole's POV*

All I remember is me going to sleep talking to Louis and now it seems like for ever since I woke-up.

*Louis's POV*

We are at the hospital waiting to see what is wrong with Nicole. We waited for a good 15 minutes.

"Nicole Chaplin?" the doctor said.

I shot up and walked over to him followed by Liam, Harry, and Hayley.

"Yes, is she going to be okay?"

"Yes, she will be fine. She just needs rest. She has not rested in a while it looks like. So she must of been really tired and her body put her into a coma. Once her body feels rested and better she will wake-up. But until then she will be sleeping."

"Okay, Thank you so much doctor. Can we see her?"

"Yes, you can. Room 13."

"Okay, Thank You."

We all walked down to the hallway and got to her room. It was really sad to see her like this.

*2 Weeks Later*

I guess she wont wake. The doctors told me that she has a very little chance of ever waking up again. I barley eat anymore. I never leave her side and I cry so much now. I miss her so much. I wish she would of told me whats happening and I could of helped her. When she wakes up Im going to take better care of her and not let this happen to her ever again.

*1 month and 5 Weeks Later*

During the month I was forced out of her room and when I fell asleep the boys carried me to the car and took me home. I was not allowed to go back into the hospital until the album was done. We were working on out Midnight Memorie Album now. I said that I wanted to go first so I could get back to Nicole. I asid that I was not going to do a music video until she is awake and okay. Thank god they understood that.

*2 Hours later*

Finally we were done recording for today. Once we left the building I went right to Nicole. I went inside the hospital and down to Nicole. I saw Niall and Aly walking up to the hospital. 

I went down to Nicole's room and sat next to her. 

"Hey Nicole. It is the second month and the fifth week. I miss you so much. I dont know what I do if I loose you. It wont be the same. I love you so much Nicole. Please come back. The boys and I are working on our third album. Hayley and Harry are dating and Hayley and Liam have been the best brother and sister because of your great idea. Zayn and Perrie are also going out too. I miss you so much Nicole you have no idea. Getting Married to you is going to be the best thing to ever happen. I just cant wait for it to happen."


"Yes?" I turned my head and was Niall and Aly coming in.

"How is she?"

"Fine. Im just keeping her up to date and talking to her."

"Thats really sweet." Aly said.

"Yah, I just want her to wake up. I miss her so so much."

"We know Louis. She will wake up." Niall said.

"I know, but the doctors keep telling me that she is not going too."

"Thats the doctors they are just trying to keep you down. Dont listen to them she will wake. I promise you that."

"Thanks guys."

Niall grabbed a chair and sat down and Aly down on his lap. I sat there holding Nicole's hand and looking at her. We stayed there talking for about 2 hours.

"So Louis, about your wedding?" Aly said.

"What about it?"

"Where you going to have it?"

"I want to get married on a Beach but it is up to Nicole."

"You'll get married on a Beach." Aly said with a smile.

"Why you say that. Its up to Nicole."

"Yah, she told all of us that she want to get married on a Beach too."

"Really?" I said with a smile.


"She never told me that."

"Probably didnt think it was that big of a deal."

"Oh, I see."


We talked a bit more and Aly left to go and get Supper. I laid my head on the bed.

"Tired?" Niall asked.


"Go to sleep, ill watch over."

"I would but I want to be here when she wakes up."

"Aww thats cute." Aly said walking threw the door with food.

"Thanks Babe." Niall said and kissed her.

I just kept my head on the side of her bed.

"Here you go Louis."



"Cause im not eating anymore till she is up."

"Louis you cant do this to your self."

"Yes, I can"

"No you cant. This isn't the right thing to do."

"I dont care." I kinda yelled at her.

Aly backed away and walked back to Niall.


"What?" She half yelled.

"Im really sorry. Im just upset about Nicole."

"I understand Louis. I understand."

"Im really sorry." I said getting up and going over and giving her a hug.

"Its okay Louis." she said.

I went and sat back down. Oh Nicole When..... When will you come back. I dont know how much longer I can take with out you please come back soon.

*1 week later*

I was sitting there talking to Nicole. I miss her to much. I barley eat anymore. I've cried a lot and Presse keeps trying to get in here and trying to figure out what is going on and happening. We all keep try our best to keep them out. Paparazzi once got in and they trampled me and sprung my wrist. So now I have to wear a brace cause of them. Also when ever I go see Nicole, Paul and some security guards have to stand watch. It is so horrible.

I told Nicole about everything that has been going on. Harry came into the room and stood next to me.



"She'll be fine. I want her to come back too. She is like a sister to me."

"Yah I know she is to everyone."


Harry and I stood there and then out of no-where we hear a deep breath. I looked at Harry like it was him.

"Louis, it was not me. I swear!"

I looked back over at Nicole and her eyes slowly opened.

"Nicole?" I asked.


"Yah, its me. Im here. Harry can you please go and get a nurse."

"Sure Louis." Harry said leaving.

"How you feeling?"


I laughed a little bit.

"I bet you are."

"Yah, Why wont you eat?"

"What do you mean?"

"Louis, I could hear you. You know. You should of ate."

"Im sorry babe its just I thought you were going to die cause that is what the doctors kept saying."

"Baby. I'm never going to leave you ever."



"I love you baby."

"I love you too babe."

I gave Nicole a hug and the nurse came in and Harry came over to me.

"Mrs.Chaplin your finally up. We weren't to sure if you were coming back."

"I looked at Nicole and she had turned from a smile to a mad face.

"You are allowed to leave tomorrow afternoon just so we make sure you wake up tomorrow."

Then the nurse left.

"Ignore her Nicole."

She shook her head.

"You know I meant to put myself in a coma?" She said.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"I thought everyone hated me, didnt like or love me. I had so many problems and thought I was ruining your life with them."

"Nicole. We love you so very much and no way your problems are not ruining you life. We want to help you out and help make your life better and fun."


"Nicole, you like a sister to all of us except you Louis since you are his girlfriend. We all love you and we could not stand seeing you all sad and upset." Harry said.

"Oh."  Nicole said and turned her head away.

"Louis we brought you food and you better eat it or I will....." Aly said coming in. 

She stopped and must have saw Nicole. She gave me the food and gave Nicole a hug. She kept telling her how much she missed her. We all missed her so very much.....

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