Run Away Love (Squeal to Is it love or not....FAMOUS)

This is the Squeal to Is it Love Or Not hope you like!


28. Back To The U.S.

*Niall's POV*

We just got done at the vets. Spirit had to get a few shots and then looked at and she was okay. They got her a licence so if she had ever got lost they would know to call the vet and they would tell them who the owner is. We went back to Nicole's house and went inside and dropped off Spirit.

"Thanks Niall and Aly." Nicole said.

"Yah, no problem." Aly said.

"Hey, do you guys just want to stay over here for the night?" Louis asked.

"As long as it is not a bother."

"Don't worry about. You should stay."

"Fine. We will go and get out things and then we will come back." Aly and I left. We got to her palce we went in and grabbed her things. Then headded to my place. Once we grabbed our things we headed back to Nicole and Louis's place. I had to force Aly to go by and grab something to eat. We did and same for Louis and Nicole.


We got back to Louis and Nicole's place. We walked in and saw Louis and Nicole playing with Spirit. We gave them there food and we ate. It was about 1000 and we have to get to the plane about 730. Aly was staying in the guest bedroom. I went into her room to grab the extra pillows and blankets. She was just hopping into bed when I came in.



"I just need the pillows and blankets."

"Where are you sleeping?"
"I am sleeping on the couch."

"No. You are not." She said and slide over and patted teh seat next to her. I slide in next to her and rolled over so I was looking at her face. Her eyes were closed and I just looked at her.

"Niall, Stop Staring."


"It is okay." She said and cuddled up next to me and seh placed her head on my chest and I put my arm around her then went to sleep.


"Aly.. Niall. Wake up we are going to be late." I heard someone say. I knew it was Nicole cause she has an American accent and Louis has away different accent. I opened my eyes and woke Aly up. She did not want to get up so I told Nicole we would be there in a little bit.

She left and I talked to Aly for a sec.

"Niall. Shut up." She said with a laugh..... not in arude way bit in a nice way.

"I can't cause I have to tell you about this and that and this and that."

"Okay. I am up!!!!!" She said. She got up and so did I. I got changded while she was in the bathroom and then she came out and she looked really nice. We both went downstairs and Louis and Nicole were waiting to get going. Nicole threw me some poptrats so I am not hungery. We went into the car and drove off. BTW Nicole and Louis grabbed our things.


We finally got on the plane after the fans and everything. Nicole looked like she was going to throw-up. She looked very white. Not good. I saw Louis trying to make her feel better. Aly seam really cool.

*2 Hours Later*

I have been asking Aly if she could get me food like ever 2 minutes. She was getting really annoyed. We played games and talked for a while. After a bit Aly fell asleep on my shoulder. She was so pretty when she was sleeping.

*A Long Time Later*

"Aly wake up we are landing."

"We are?"


"Awesome. Back in the U.S. This is going to be fun."

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