New School:New Love

this is about the 5 school boys called, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn who meet 5 brand new school girls who transfred there from califonia


12. with the girls

*Lily's POV*

Harry took georgia off to the side and spoke to her. turns out the girls clicked with the boys. Jordan and Niall were talking about what they;re gonna do tonight and from the basis of the conversation i'm guessing it was about Nandos. Nanda and Liam we teliking jokes and by the looks or it Taylor adn Louis were kissing.

"Taylor?  get a room..."i said laughing, she drew me a dirty look. and kissed Louis again

Niall kissed Jordan on the cheek before getting up and leaving the restaurant followed by Jordan.the bell rang for the next lesson.

"well today's lunch was great" i said to Zayn sarcastically

"i know right?"he asked me laughing

"i'm guessing we're getting food later then?" i replied

"yeah sure"he replied smiling. we all walked off to our next lesson,PE, with mr james. this should be fun

i went to my locker not realising that it was next to Zayn's

"you not going to yours?"I asked him

"i am at mine"he replied, as he opened the locker next to mine.

"well that was just lucky" i said giggling.

"i know right" he said

"yep" i said smiling at him, he leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"really?"i asked him

"shouldn't you's two be in your lesson?"Mrs hannah asked us.

"no were just going no"Zayn told her as we walked away from our lockers to the changing rooms. i giggled

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