New School:New Love

this is about the 5 school boys called, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn who meet 5 brand new school girls who transfred there from califonia


9. tutor him?

me and zayn walked to the front of the class."right lilly i want you to tutor Zayn seeing as your grades are good and his are bad and you's to seem to like each other"she explained to us. i smiled at him.

"ok then Mrs."i said with an idea in my head. this way i could see him more.Zayn smiled.

"you's can go now"she said to us as we walked away.

"so what are we studying tonight Mrs. James" he joked with me. i laughed.

"chemistry" i said giggling

"ok then"he said smiling knowing my point.

"so what time, say 5 o'clock at mine?"he asked me.

"yeah sure"i replied "what's your address though?"i continued.

"my mum will pick us up from school or we can walk there if you want?"he said to me grinning.

"ok, hows walking for you?"i said giggling

"it's fine" he said "i'll wait for you at the end of the day then"he continued

"i'm with you the whole day"i told him

"oh yeah...i forgot about that"he said blushing

*Authors Note*

sorry for the short parargraph didnt really know what to do here

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