New School:New Love

this is about the 5 school boys called, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn who meet 5 brand new school girls who transfred there from califonia


10. metting Lily's friends

Me and Zayn went to our next lesson but no-one was in the class, we got told it was lunch by another student, Nadine, Me and Zayn walked down to the restaurant to find Jordan, Georgia and Nanda standing there talking to Taylor.

"Hey guys"i shouted to them as i walked down to the table where they were sitting.

"hey" Jordan said to me high fiving me.

"So how are you's enjoying your first day?"i asked them.

"it's been alright but it's better now"Georgia said as she smiled at Harry,he smiled back at her.I giggled at her.

"Hows your day been?"Nanda asked me.I smiled at Zayn.

"brilliant"i replied. i seen Nadna whispering something to Taylor and Taylor nodded and smiled at me.

"what?"i asked them.

"aww that's well sweet"Nanda sadi to me

"i still hvae no idea what your talking about"i told her. I looked up at Zayn and he whispered

"i think they know about US"i whispered to me. i smiled and kissed him

"well it looks like they do then"Nanda said trying not to laugh

"yes we are together and so are Tay and Louis" i said, as i said this they turned to Taylor

"why didnt you tell us?"Jordan asked her

"you didn't ask"she replied

i stood there watching Harry gaze at Georgia

"Harry?"i asked him in a quiet voice

"huh?" he replied.

"just speak to her already"i told him

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