New School:New Love

this is about the 5 school boys called, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn who meet 5 brand new school girls who transfred there from califonia


3. meeting her again

*Zayn's POV*

i walked into Mr. Thompson's office with a huge grin on my face

"what are you grinning about Malik?" he asked me with a serious tone in his voice.

"nothing Sir" the grin fell from my face. i took a seat across from him.

"that's the third time you've been in here this week Zayn" he told me, but i was so distracted about this new girl

"pardon sir?" i asked him not paying attention to what he was saying

" it's the third time you've been late Zayn" he repeated.

"i know sir, i promise it wont happen again" i said.

"it better not Zayn otherwise your in detention for the rest of the week" he said. i groaned and thought i didnt really care to be honest.

i walked out of the office to see that girl standing there again " hi again" i said smiling

" hi, i forgot my jacket" she said smiling, she couldn't take her eyes off me

"oh.. alright" i replied pouting, she giggled.

" i wanted to see you to"she smiled. she walked past me smiling, her perfume smelt lovely.

she walked in and grabbed her jacket "why are you back lilly?" Mr. Thompson  asked her sternly

"I'm just getting my jacket jeez" she replied.

"none of that cheek young lady" she smirked as she walked out. i could tell me and her were gonna get on and be partners in crime.

"all of that just for a jacket?"she said giggling

"i know, he has his moment" i smiled at her. she walked back to her mum brushing me as she went past she was lovely

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