New School:New Love

this is about the 5 school boys called, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn who meet 5 brand new school girls who transfred there from califonia


13. meeting friends

once I'd got dressed i waited outside, bad idea wearing shorts it's freezing, i got a shocked when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

"hey Lily"they said. I turned around.

"oh hey Samantha"i said,"didn't realise you were in my class"i continued, as Zayn walked out

"hey hunni"he sadi, samantha looked at me in shock.

"what?" i asked her.

"are you's two together?"she asked me

"yeah"i replied smiling.

"you do know he's known as the 'bad boy' here"she whispered to me

"yeah i know that, that's why i like him"i told her, wrapping on of my arms around his waist. Samantha giggled slightly

"what now?" i asked her

"the height between you's"she said looking at us.

"i looked up at him "oh yeah,so what if he's taller than me" i told her, causing Zayn to laugh.

Elise and Patrycja walked in "hey guys"i said smiling

"you alright?" Elise asked me

"yeah fine, what about you?" i replied.

"fine"she replied.the rest of the class came out and we headed to the astro turf, i guess we were playing football.

"right, it's girls against boys, Lilly... Zayn, your captian" Mr James said.This was gonna be great me and the girls against the boys... this should be funny



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