I've Got My Eye On You

When Katie gets chosen to be on Reality TV Show Big Brother, she didn't expect so many things to happen. She didn't expect One Direction to be there, she didn't expect to make 10 new friends and she certainly didn't expect to find love.


2. This is it

"Are you ready to welcome our first Celebrity housemate?!" The host, Sonia Kruger asked the crowd. They replied with an immense amount of cheering and I waited for my cue. "All the way from Australia, the first housemate is a singer whose single  'Love me like I love you' is number 1 in 20 countries! She's got a heck of a lot of fans and isn't afraid to show her true colours. Please welcome... KATIE JANE!" The crowd went ballistic! This was my cue so I walked through the camera/eye thing and down the runway/catwalk/pathway. I greeted Sonia with a cheek kiss and a hug. Sonia tried to calm down the crowd but they didn't seem to want to stop. Finally, the screams died down a little and Sonia took this as her opportunity to talk.


"Hello Katie! How are you feeling? Excited, Scared, Worried?"

"Hello Sonia! Lovely to finally meet you..." "You too!" "I'm going to be completely honest with you. I am terrified! I can't believe I can't bring my phone! I'm not going to last 5 seconds in there!"

"Oh i'm sure you'll be fine. So tell me, how's life treating you? How are you coping with the incident last month?" I knew immediately she was talking about Kyle. I always get emotional when I think about him; he was my most passionate and longest love.

"Life's been amazing so far! I recently announced to the fans that I'll be starting to record an album as soon as I'm finished with some secret business. To any of you who haven't realised, being on big brother is the secret business. Yeah, so I'm really excited to get that started." I hope she forgets about the break-up. I seriously don't want to talk about Kyle and cry on television.

"That seems very exciting! I'm sure your KJ's are just as excited as you..." KJ's is the fan-name my fans chose for themselves. KJ is my initials. "But how about last month? Are you coping well?" I knew she would ask. Damn it!

"Yeah, it's tough you know? No one copes with a break up well. Even if it's a mutual break-up, which mine wasn't, you still feel so empty inside. I'm coping though. I'm just going to keep my mind off love for now and focus on my career."

"Well it's good to see you're coping. So, what's your special item you've brought with you today?" Oh, this is going to be so much harder to leave the outside world than I thought it would be.

"I've brought my dad's favourite hat. Before he passed away, he used to wear it all the time." I could tell that she was being told to wrap it up in her earphone so I tried to hold myself back from ranting, which apparently is my skill.

"Oh that's sad to hear. Well I wish nothing but the best for you in the future. Walk on through those doors and into the big brother house as the first EVER Celebrity housemate!" Oh god, i'm first!? Now i'm going to have to walk around like an idiot. The crowd went crazy again as I ran along the walkway high-fiving obsessive fans. I almost tripped in my heels but I saved myself last minute.

This is it...

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