I've Got My Eye On You

When Katie gets chosen to be on Reality TV Show Big Brother, she didn't expect so many things to happen. She didn't expect One Direction to be there, she didn't expect to make 10 new friends and she certainly didn't expect to find love.


3. The house

As I enter through the house doors, I am greeted by a large backyard. There were sun lounges on the grass and a large, circle swimming pool with a sitting island in the middle. I walked around the backyard a bit, taking in the beautiful sight. I decided to check out the rest of the house, so I walked through a door on the other side of the backyard. In this room was a groovy, retro themed kitchen with a massive table in the middle and a suitable sized kitchen bench. This room was isolated from the rest of the house so I walked back across the backyard to another door, near the entrence of the house. In here was the lounge room. To my right was the corridor to the diary room, but I thought I should come back to that later. The lounge room was fairly big, with a large couch and a coffee table facing a TV. On the table was a bottle of alcohol and glasses. I assumed that I should take some, so I poured myself a glass and continued with the tour. Through a door on the other side of the lounge room was the bathroom. It had 5 double beds and 10 single beds. I wonder who's sharing. Through another door of the lounge room was the bathroom. It was pretty big and looked very fancy for a house, but I had to keep in mind that 20 people were staying here. Speaking of people, shouldn't there be more housemates coming soon? "Wow! This place is sick!" I guess I spoke too soon. I went to the backyard to greet my first housemate.


"Hello!" I greeted the celebrity stranger.

"Hey! I'm Blake. Nice to meet you." The guy replied. He was around my age and he was smoking hot. I wouldn't mind having a TV fling with him.

"Nice to meet you too Blake. I'm Katie." I raised my hand, offering to shake it.

"Ahh. A name as beautiful as it's owner." He grabbed my hand, but instead of shaking it, he kissed it. I blushed a deep red and looked down.

"Aww. Thank you. I'm nothing special though." I seriously aren't. I don't know if he was just being nice to win, or was genuinely interested in me.

"I beg to differ. Ooh, there's drinks? I'll have a glass." I let out a chuckle and directed him to the lounge room, showing him the rest of the house while we drank from our posh glasses.


"So, seeing as this is CELEBRITY big brother, what are you famous for?" Blake asked me.

"I'm a singer. I'm originally from Australia but I live in London. How about you?"

"Nice, a singer. I don't know why they chose me. I'm nothing special. Just an underwear model." We both laughed as I directed him to the bedroom.

"And this is the bedroom. I counted before, there's 5 doubles and 10 singles." 

"I wouldn't mind sharing with you if I had to share." He said, winking at me. Blake is a serious flirter, I can see him getting on with all of the girls in the house. I dismissed the compliment with a giggle and went on to show him the rest of the house. Just then, I heard a voice calling for me.

"Katie, to the diary room."

"Ahh, that must be the big man. See ya soon, i'll be waiting." Blake said, winking at me. I smiled and tried to not blush as I walked to the diary room.

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